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Male upper body strength, evolution, & politics

The Republican party's ideology has been characterized as "I've got mine, screw you." Now it seems antithesis to taxing the rich to pay for…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 May 16, 2013
Reply by leveni

Origins of religion: What is the oldest well-characterised religion? How do religions evolve?

I don't have an opinion or an answer here, because I don't know enough about it. What I'm wondering is, what is the earliest well-character…

Started by Daniel W

22 Apr 6, 2013
Reply by Dr. Terence Meaden

New Study Suggests That Life May Have Begun on Land, and then Moved to the Sea

Conventional knowledge suggests that life began in the sea, and then moved ashore (much as I hope to do, when I retire as a Merchant Marine…

Started by Bud the Wonderer

8 Dec 15, 2012
Reply by Joan Denoo

If the Big Bang is a lie then the universe is lying to us

Here's a great article on Science Blogs responding to Paul Broun's claim that the Big Bang, along with evolution, etc. is all a bunch of "l…

Started by Scott McGreal

15 Oct 8, 2012
Reply by Scott McGreal

The modern human - Neanderthal relation may be more complex than previously thought

This article briefly discusses two scenarios for why modern non-Africans are more closely related to Neanderthals than modern Africans. The…

Started by Scott McGreal

4 Oct 8, 2012
Reply by John Jubinsky

Climate Destabilization, the end result of evolution?

Perhaps we should see the unfolding Climate Destabilization challenge, heralded by heat waves, droughts, floods and extreme storms in evolu…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

8 Oct 1, 2012
Reply by michele ricketts

How organisms evolve new functions

How Organisms Evolve New Functions: Evolution Is as Complicated as 1-2-3 Genomic analysis of 56,000 generations of E Coli let researchers f…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

4 Sep 23, 2012
Reply by Dempsey L. Wilson

Dino Boom linked to Rockies of new dinosaur species linked to rise of Rocky Mountains, scientists say.

Started by Chris Dodds

2 Aug 11, 2012
Reply by Joan Denoo

Evolution, quantitative theory - new dynamic

Physics and Math Shed New Light On Biology by Mapping the Landscape of Evolution Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences make a br…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Aug 10, 2012
Reply by Steph S.

Was T-Rex feathered?

Fossil find suggests feathered T-rex Is it so wrong for a dinosaur to want to accessorize?

Started by Chris Dodds

4 Apr 7, 2012
Reply by Nontheist Central




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