A reality TV show is supposed to be coming in which ten teams compete with one another as to which, if any, has irrefutable proof of the existence of Bigfoot. The teams are to consist of people from various walks of life including scientists. Casting is supposed to be already under way. Needless to say, there are those among us, and I can't exclude myself, who would say it is a little ironic that the show is classified as falling into the reality genre. The upside is that it might bring some fun into the lives of the viewers but the downside is that it might result in some of them actually believing in Bigfoot and carrying the associated albatross for a long time. Per the article:


An upcoming TV show is offering $10 million for irrefutable proof of Bigfoot and people are lining up for their shot at making television history. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, “Spike TV announced Thursday a 10-episode pickup for 10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty, a new reality competition that's offering what would be the largest cash prize in TV history. The only catch is that the titular $10 million, backed by insurers of the bizarre at Lloyd's of London, can only be awarded to a contestant that provides irrefutable evidence that that Big Foot exists. Scientists, zoologists, trackers and actual Big Foot hunters are among the competitors the series is lining up, with casting already underway. Teams will present their evidence to Big Foot ‘experts’ in attempt to win the prize. And the 10 episodes will follow different teams tackling the search with different methods.”



Associated article: Oxford University scientists have called for supposed Bigfoot biological material so that they may perform DNA analyses on it.


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No one will win this.

But people will watch this stuff though.

You hear of James Randi?



Is Donald Trump offering an extra $5M if Bigfoot comes with a set of college transcripts?

I'm guessing insurance companies were lined up and more than happy to sell a policy to cover any "risk" that a real bigfoot is found.

Heh, I hadn't thought of that angle.  Good, free money.  Of course the premium has got to be pretty damned low, for this sort of thing.  What do you need for this sort of negligible risk, about a $5 premium for 1 year of coverage?

The upside is that it might bring some fun into the lives of the viewers but the downside is that it might result in some of them actually believing in Bigfoot and carrying the associated albatross for a long time.

I dunno, man.  I think it might help steer people away from the myth, or at least introduce them to the myth and give them a negative opinion of all of the people who seriously believe the myth.

Obviously, no one is ever going to win, and the repeated failures will keep stacking up.  It won't be like a Bigfoot proponent site, in which evidence isn't properly tested, but accepted by the credulous masses who want any kind of ethereal evidence they can find to support their fantasy.  With a $10 million prize on the line, they'll be properly testing and shooting down everything.

I have no proof that bigfoot exists, but I did have an experience wherein I thought I saw bigfoot near Riggins, Idaho. Wrote a blog about it. Not worth $10, much less $10,000,000. :)


How stupid. Don't they realize that Bigfoot was a botched alien genetic experiment? All the genetic aberrations were killed before they left so there is no way they will find one.

People will believe anything.

The below video is the very latest (10/30/2012) supposed evidence of bigfoot. Curiously, it surfaced right after the $10,000,000 prized was announced.



I like the post by ATILATHEHUN101 who said  "A couple of years ago I thought I saw Bigfoot but I didn’t get a good look because a T-Rex was blocking my view."




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