An 11 year old Russian boy living in northern Russia has come across the frozen remains of a woolly mammoth. The remains are said to be the best preserved of mammoth remains discovered in the last 100 years. Per the article:


"He sensed an unpleasant odor and saw something sticking out of the ground -- it was the mammoth's heels," said Alexei Tikhonov, director of the Saint Petersburg-based Zoological Museum, who rushed to the tundra after the boy's family had notified scientists of the historic find. Tikhonov said the mammoth had died aged 15-16 around 30,000 years ago, adding his tusk, skin, an eye and an ear were clearly visible.


Efforts by Russian and Japanese scientists are supposed to already be underway to clone a mammoth from the bone marrow and other tissue of previously discovered remains.

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Can't wait to see this baby.

I too really like the cloning idea Lil and Mike. Also, as you say Mike, global warming must have revealed at least that particular mammoth because it was only just starting to decompose after 30,000 years of having been there. I wonder what else global warming might uncover. 

Maybe the natives didn't find the recent discoveries because the recent ones were just made visible by global warming.




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