Discovery of 2.8-million-year-old jaw sheds light on early humans

Posted: 04 Mar 2015 11:14 AM PST

For decades, scientists have been searching for African fossils documenting the earliest phases of the Homo lineage, but specimens recovered from the critical time interval between 3 and 2.5 million years ago have been frustratingly few and often poorly preserved. However, a fossil lower jaw found in the Ledi-Geraru research area, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia, pushes back evidence for the human genus -- Homo -- to 2.8 million years ago.

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Isn't this amazing. And exciting. I don't know how on earth my family can deny evolution. If memories serve they didn't question it before they found god. Not out loud at least.

Eh, you're going to get a certain amount of counter-motion to any trend.  It can't be helped.  The general trend is that the current crop of teenagers and 20-something are more accepting of science and less religious.  That's the important part.  Maybe you can have some positive influence on your grandchildren.

Meh.  How annoying.

I don't bring up the subject, but if my niece and nephew ever ask why I don't go to church, I'll give them the basic answers.  If they want to know more about details, we'll have to see.  I won't lie to the kids, though.

Yeah, sort of like Leah Libresco, huh?  I've read Leah's explanation for her conversion to Catholicism, and it's all just too inane.  I expect that the emotional pressure of her Catholic fiancee had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Joseph, I'm trying like hell with the gkids. They, and my daughter, all believe in evolution. But my son-in-law is still a christian. So he influences my gkids more than l ever could. But I keep plugging away.

Well, these are just human skulls, K.H.

... or they're just monkey skulls, depending which creationist you ask.  Funny how you can never get a consensus of creationists, on any skull that's around a certain age, though:

Funny, they still can't even get the monkey-ape distinction part.

I don't know that that's specifically the case.  I just used the word monkey, because it's inherently funnier.

Just that many creationists don't get the irony of their biological ignorance when spouting forth upon the subject.

Thanks, Pat.  That really is interesting!!

This is good news. We can never stop looking and never stop asking if we want a clear picture of where we came from.

Wonderful article - thanks for posting.




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