6,000-year-old vegetation found

Salisbury Journal reported on Sunday 15th December 2013, a vegetation sink hole discovered by archaeologists in Damerham may hold vital information about the plant species thriving there 6,000 years ago. An archaeology team led by Dr Helen Wickstead, Kingston University academic has been working on the Neolithic site for six years. 

"Four areas of the temple complex were excavated during the summer, and in the largest of the openings, which was about 40 metres long, careful extractions revealed a layer of uncharacteristic orange sand and clay."

“The site at Damerham is on chalk land, so we don’t often find materials like this that capture and preserve the plant remains from a specific time period.”

“The diversity of burial architecture here is intriguing. What is special about this place that meant generation after generation returned to the site?”

~ Dr Helen Wickstead, Kingston University 

Archaeologists Map Neolithic Monument Complex at Damerham, near Sto...

"A team of archaeologists from London’s Kingston University has mapped a prehistoric temple complex at a Neolithic site near the village of Damerham - located about 15 miles from the iconic Stonehenge – and discovered a sink hole of material that may hold information about plants that thrived there 6,000 years ago."

“It was evident that prehistoric people living in the area had also come across the sink hole and excavated the material during their own construction work. A pile of matching waste material was also seen at one of the other mounds.”

“We didn’t expect to find this and suspect it would have surprised the original architects of the site too. Moments of unexpected discovery could have had cultural significance for prehistoric people. The henge itself was a focus for rituals, life and death, so questions about the impact such a discovery would have had on their activity will be interesting to consider.”

~ Dr Helen Wickstead, Kingston University

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If it is 6000 year old, it must have been create by Yahweh! It proves god exists!

I was thinking the same thing since the earth is only 6000 years old...lol


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