A Brief History of Colorado Through Time (Geology of Colorado) 

Colorado has an active geologic history creating beautiful landscapes through the entire state. The fossils particularly interested me as well as seeing the changes of the landscape around Denver, near the home of my son. I hope all my family can explore the distinctive features present there. 

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Joan, my Amtrak trip down the eastern Rockies into Denver was impressive, as was the video you linked to.

Can you handle another take on some of the state’s past, ancient and more recent?

If so, read on.

Go to www.thunderbolts.info, and in the terrible little search box at the upper right, enter colorado

Hi! Tom. Thanks for the lead to the beautiful nature views. These remarkable scenes just blew me away. Your train trip must have been breathtaking!

I like the author's references to fractals and Mandelbrot Sets and how electricity acts on soils and rocks. There is great order to nature and we see it in Brussels sprout, trees, shorelines, and rocks. Weathering occurs because of the effects of water, wind, ice, chemicals, plants, animals, and electricity. The displays of lightning in this video are remarkable. 




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