There were many different hominids in the past.  Nature experimented a lot on the way to making humans.

It's such a huge tragedy that the rest of them are almost certainly extinct. 

Neanderthals for example, might have been as intelligent as us, but in a different way (see How to Think Like a Neandertal)  Their brains were shaped differently. 

If we knew of a different way of being intelligent and human, it would give us SUCH a valuable perspective on ourselves!  It would be the next best thing to knowing an intelligent alien species.  Right here on earth, we had alternative ways of being human. 

I think of our ancestors, perhaps fighting wars against neighboring Neanderthal tribes and glad when the Neanderthal competitors didn't survive - and without knowing it, an incredible treasure for humanity was being wiped out. 

Books like Lord of the Rings have many humanoid species.  We fantasize dwarves and elves and fairies and trolls ...  Humans are constantly imagining quasi-people who are different from us but intelligent.  It seems like a fantasy that this terrible tragedy, that we were the only hominids who survived, didn't happen. 

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Yes, and it was a terrible tragedy that a 6 mile-wide meteor struck the earth 66 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs. But if that hadn't happened, we may not be here at all. We'd be sentient lizards, if anything.

Luara, it is a tragedy that Homo sapiens have become the killer species, the destroyer of water, soils and air, the great exterminator. We don't have to be like that. We follow 4,000 year old tales that made it possible for a single group of people to fight off all other groups, to our great destruction. We have to change the way we think and how we do things. We need a new morality. 

Yeah but that's a long-recognized tragedy. 

What I'm talking about is a huge tragedy that people don't think about.


We are changing.  In August 2014, Fukushima rain fell on Aspen, Colorado - - deadly levels.  (Search Adam Trombly.) The government freaked as it meant removing 1 ft of soil over 100 sq miles - - not to mention the trees.  This is well documented.  2 days later, in a matter of a couple of hours, the radiation dropped to below-baseline levels. It was a true miracle.  But then again, what is a miracle?  Things are changing.  We have to change the way we think by understanding what miracles really are - - technically as well as spiritually (these are in agreement these days) - - and make a daily goal of those practices. 

The authors "conclude that they probably did not have a sense of the supernatural."  If that's true, perhaps we waged war with them because they would not believe our fairy tales.

From what I understand, we have some Neanderthal DNA.  I wonder if that's a factor in some of us rejecting the supernatural.

Neandertal = soulless troll?

Yes.  Perhaps Homo Sapiens couldn't stand those soulless trolls.

Hi Laura

We go way beyond anything you are mentioning. 200,000 years ago homo sapiens came "out of nowhere" (modern science agrees), and that's because we kinda did.  Humanoids were merged with an "ET" race to create good slaves for mining gold (See Michael Tellinger, youtube) in South Africa - - 200,000 years ago.  We were sterile, intentionally, at that point.  The true Adam and Eve story is about how we "cheated" and began reproducing. Prior to all of that were wars in distant galaxies (Orion), and a planet called Lyra. Our bloodline is originally (partially) from there.  After Adam and Eve was Atlantis (it was very real), and some bad ET blood (the illuminati) invaded Earth, and that DNA is within us as well.  So we are very much a hybrid of ET races.

Also we very much know ET races. The government has employed them (search J-rod or jrod, as that is what we call them.).  The "Grays" (ET from the movie) got really pissed when we exploded atomic bombs starting WW II.   That's a no-no in the universe.  It destroyed their planets in distant galaxies... (I am not making this up). They wanted to destroy us.  Eisenhower signed a treaty with them.

Let me know if anyone wants links to all this.




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