If this theory holds true, there must be life throughout the universe.



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Very interesting.

Thanks for posting this, Donald. It's very interesting, especially for an atheist like myself who flirts with pantheism. I can't pretend to understand the math, but the concept seems strikingly original and possibly a significant response to the legions of idiots who can't grasp that we evolved through matter without a supernatural push.

First, I really don't like math, not the way I dislike religion but still, I've never been good at it and never liked it. I'm also miffed every time someone says math can answer everything, especially in astrophysics etc. So, when it came to the origins of life, I really didn't have a problem with 'it' forming on earth naturally and never really figured there was that much mystery to it given the conditions the Earth has exhibited throughout the millenia. However, never in any scenario did I ever think math would be involved in working it out, now I really hate math...

It isn't so much that math can answer everything.  The math generally gives us fairly good hypotheses.  Scientists then go off looking for verification or falsification of the mathematical model with experimental evidence, such as with the Higgs Boson.

Robert, you sound like a Christian on the subject of evolution.  LOL




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