Milestone in the search for life beyond our planet

Let's hope they can help us fix our economy.

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We don't even know if it is habitable for us.

True... as interesting as exo-planets are, these reports always strike me as more super-luminal neutrino/cold fusiony stuff.

Big headline - Zero substance.

Mush as I applaud our physicists for seeking out this stuff - I'd much rather we spent the money looking inward at the life we have yet to discover here: or even on a planet(oid) that we could realistically reach in a few months or years.

We might be more concerned (I know I was) to discover that Harun Yayha or whatever he calls himself these days has got a LOT of eBooks into the Apple library under SCIENCE.

You and I might know the difference, but this is dangerous and worrying - particularly (and while I agree with Sagan about better arguments) as this pseudo science is gaining a real foothold among young Asian people here (UK).

We can't borrow a bowl of sugar, surely, but let us find out if there can be any sugarcane there.

This would be a great scientific discovery even if we make absoplutely certain that there are conditions suitable for evolution of life. By the time life evolves ther, we will find out means for travelling that far!


Perhaps the life will have evolved sufficiently that we can hide out from them and kidnap a few to perform anal probes?

Joseph P

You have already started fantasizing. First make sure how they clean.


That was a joke.

Not my fantasy, man.  I don't have an anal fetish.  Quite the opposite.  I just want payback ... or perhaps pay-it-forward.

I want a LIKE button on Ning!

(And you don't fool me, Joseph, I know you just want to "stick it to the man!" as we used to say. God, I'm old!) LOL!




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