WOW....sad thing is these people probably do not realize (or care) he was probably made to rehearse this rant over and over again....makes me sick to my stomach.!/video/video.php?v=1503528715923&...


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Meh, can't see it.  No Facebook account.  I don't suppose it's up on YouTube or something, huh?
Thanks, Susan!
Your welcome.
This video is from another group called Potter's House, located out of texas.  I was reading up on them when I realized that there were other smaller groups with the same name, it being a biblical reference and all.  The Potter's House group you speak of is different, is an actual denomination where as this Potter's House is merely a MegaChurch in Dallas, Tx.

um.. I hate to say this, but that is just for disambiguation.  if you click on that link [thats how I knew they are different] it actually says this


for the Potter's House Christian Fellowship church organization (unrelated), see Potter's House Christian Fellowship.

 [bolded by me]


They are two separate entities, unrelated.  Doesnt really matter though, both are pretty fucked up.  just a stickler for details. ; p

Its just a typic misunderstanding


Yeah, the Australian Potter's House crowd I encountered is related to this cultish group, also coming out of Texas:

cool, cuz I didn't get the notification of this post and was writing about how I wasn't going to argue it but then was listing the differences lol.

Ah, I think it might be my script-blocker.  I may have to enable some stuff.  When I got a login screen, I figured it was something I had to be logged in for.  Let me try it again.

In case you've never heard of him, there was a boy in the 70s-80's named Marjoe who was marrying people at 5; yes, he was an ordained priest.


the best part is, however, that he came back in his 20's and made an eponymous documentary (that can be found entirely on google videos) exposing how Evangelicals scam people.  you should really check it out, its incredibly interesting.

I remember him - he started a new career as a comedian ragging on the evangelicals.  Marjoe Guntner, IIRC
Seriously?  That's awesome, if you're being serious.


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