Is Michele Bachmann Palin 2.0 or Palin++?


I don't know, but if America (that is, the American people) doesn't do something fast to get her house in order, the American Dream is going to look more like the American Nightmare on Elm Street.


If Palin or Bachmann (right now, both outsiders, for my money) should make it to the Oval Office America could actually fail as a superpower. The pair of them (and Reps. as a whole from where I sit) are anti-evolution & pro family (which means more overpopulation with ignorant people) and anti-tax increases! Which means loads more people to feed and a lot less money to go around.


Since Bush Jnr., America has amassed trillions of $US in debt and that isn't going away any time soon. Worse, her aging population is going to increase that debt further.... and pretty soon those nervous world bankers will pull the plug.


It's a scary thought, and I hope I'm being overcautious, but is America heading for a precipice will a full head of steam and no idea how to stop?

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You wrote: Worse, her aging population is going to increase that debt further.

What pisses me the most, as a Baby Boomer (remember, we didn't ASK to be born en masse!), is that the nation had at least 50 years to prepare for us. I can forgive the govt. for our overcrowded schools -- they hadn't figured out yet that we existed as a cohort; but getting into college was the pits, finding a job was awful with all the competition, we drove the housing market way up (the first time), and now look -- we're retiring! And the govt. is surprised as hell!

There is REALLY no other choice than to raise taxes on the rich and the upper middle class -- they are the ones who can afford it. When the Republicans insist that the only thing to do is cut services, they neglect the other side of the equation, the one that would make the concept of "sharing the burden" fair. We Baby Boomers have taken it on the chin all our lives, and the Republicans only want to add insult to injury.

The good thing about loons like Bachmann and Perry, (Pailin, like Huckleberry, not serious anymore) etc.etc. is that they lock-up the anti-evo morons in nice, identifiable, and rather tight box.  Not enough of them to win an election and thus influence policy anymore.  They were used, and still are a little, by the ruling elite to tip close elections but since they've 'organized', a la teabags, they've been marginalized.  Look at NY-26.  Perfect example.  3rd party whack-job: moderate candidate wins.


These days, the main thing corporate welfare media use pols like Bachmann for is to fortify the "victim" narrative for the low-info voters on talk-radio and the Fox Tee-vee.  This keeps them lo-info (good for ruling elite) and also fortifies the phony zionist narrative vis-a-vis Palestine, something Bachmann, Pailin, et al do constantly, which is still useful so zios can keep phony wars in Middle East going (again, exactly WHAT are we trying to achieve in Afghanistan? Never mind) so that the Izzies can STEAL MORE LAND & WATER.


THAT is the MAIN thing.  Always.  Former Izzie PM Ariel Sharon said it best: "Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them."


There ya' go.

That women is largely incoherent and just bat-shit insane with very little understanding of economics, science & the Constitution. This is one her crazy sayings, "There’s a real lack of evidence from change from actual species to a different type of species. That's where it's difficult to prove."




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