Voluntary Human Extinction MovemenT

"May we live long and die out"

"Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow the Earth's biosphere to return to good health".

While surfing the web the other day, I ran across VHEMT. Never heard of it, so of course I looked. Imagine my surprise. They are advocating the complete extinction of the human race, done through no procreation. Plenty of sex, just no more pregnancies. I mean as an atheist, I believe not only in evolution, but in our place in nature. We are a part of nature, one end product (as of now) of evolution. The urge for procreation is a biological imperative, but we also have a mind, which can make us go beyond our biological programming and act altruistically, as it were. Since most species on the planet have become extinct (as high as 98% in some studies I have read, of all species ever to exist on the planet), our turn is coming. Whether selected by nature, or at our own hand. So should we let "nature take its course", or help it along by voluntarily exterminating ourselves?



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"I am not generalizing when I speak of people being like monkeys.."

Me neither, we are primate, apes, monkeys …just as we are Smiths, Jonses and McGillicuddys.

Qualitatively  and quantitavely  controlled breeding is certainly a possibility. However, the planet will be a far better place when the population reduces to the level of one-third of the present size. Human extinction is only a sensationalised idea. Humans are too ingenious to be extinct.

The worlds human population is 7 billion.

Vermin often occurs where a particular species occupies an unassailable niche in a territory and begins to multiply at the expense of other plants and animals. On this basis Homo Sapiens can be regarded as vermin on a withering planet.

With a human population significantly reduced the planet could begin to recover.

New to group. Hello, all.


Throwing out a subject that kinda fits into anti-evolution.


I was watching a program about the collapse of our (world wide) modern society. Scientists are saying, we could easily have a collapse of modern society that would throw us into a new Dark Age that would make our know past Dark Age look like a day at the beach.  Millions (maybe Billions) would die trying to survive without any modern conveniences or in fighting for these conveniences. While human evolution would continue (slowly), the world would be thrown into chaos and the population would be diminished.


Historically, we have seen ALL great empires and societies fall. Have we learned from their mistakes? Some people say there is a common thread between our modern society and the Roman Empire (as well as others empires) As the Roman Empire fell, so could our world society  fall/fail in the same way, just on a massive scale.


Thoughts? Comments?




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