Antonin Scalia: Capitalism Requires 'Traditional Christian Virtues'...

"While I would not argue that capitalism as an economic system is inherently more Christian than socialism ... it does seem to me that capitalism is more dependent on Christianity than socialism is, For in order for capitalism to work -- in order for it to produce a good and a stable society -- the traditional Christian virtues are essential."
~ Antonin Scalia, a devout Catholic, said during his speech at Lanier Theological Library in Houston, the Houston Chronicle.

Christians claim that their god is one of love, patience, compassion, care, however, too often I see evidence that religion uses beliefs to justify class, intolerance, manipulation, exploitation and domination. 

Many religious husbands use their position as men to dominate and abuse wives and children. Some religious fathers and mothers use biblical imperatives to justify abuse of children. Some religiously raised children perceive themselves as privileged and entitled to feelings of superiority. 

We have all seen the tragedy of religiously based organizations such as the KKK to murder and destroy others because of race. We also observe faith based initiatives turned into money making machines to generate wealth for charismatic leaders. 

Yes, we also see religious organizations stepping in to help during catastrophes and in some outrageous incidents, dispensing bibles instead of water and food and shelter. We also observe other compassionate, non-religious people making great  effort and taking personal risks to help others in need. Religion is not the only motivator for compassion and morals and ethics. 

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Scalia can pray to Jeebus all he wants. At best, his mental age has plateaued. Only the few atheists of the US have a mental age that keeps increasing. The idiot religious believers all are intellectually incapacitated, and the mental age of 100 is inaccessible for them. They regress long before they ever get that smart. So opportunities abound. You just need to be an atheist to be intelligent enough to recognize them. And being an atheist is very difficult and frustrating prior to the point where you reach the higher mental ages, at which wealth by connection becomes more of a transfer of your own wealth to other people than it is the other way around. For me, believers have nothing to bring to the table. American society is transforming, and it will take time for the truly intelligent people to poke through.

I have always objected to the phrases Christian virtues and Christian values. What they are claiming to have, and often missing, are universal values. It is an incredible conceit to believe that traits like brotherly love (which they call Christian love) and empathy for others is solely a Christian value. 

Christian values involve fraud and criminal threats to extort money out of people.

This is off track from the previous discussion, but here is a link to an interesting article.

Drew, yes, it is off discussion and deserves a string of its own. This news rings true to Jefferson's idea of an education populace to produce good government. Please start a new link! Thanks so much for this information.  Joan 

Not certain what Scalia is smoking, but didn't Jebus say something about giving all your possessions away, not having any care for tomorrow and that his "Father" would provide?  Frankly, that sounds about as capitalistic as a hole in the head ... but that's just me.

If I recall, when Christianity ruled the western world, one of the basic ideas of capitalism - lending money for profit - was considered a mortal sin. A mortal sin being one that is guaranteed to reserve your asbestos underwear in the afterlife. Which is why money lending was forbidden to Christians, but allowed to Jews, since they were going to burn anyway. So much for the virtuous tenets of the cosmic jewish zombie cult.

As far as bigoted Christian stereotyping of the money lenders, can you say "Shylock in the Merchant of Venice?"

Profit seems to trump hell fires most every time.




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