We were assigned "On the Origin of Species" and I'm finding it really tedious.  It's a liberal studies course, and sheesh, this is going to take me forever to read.  I get what the book says, and why it's important, but it's so dense.

*sigh*  Or maybe I'm dense.

I'll finish reading it, of course, just whining.  Sorry, folks.

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Just get your hands on the version that Ray Comfort is handing out.  He summarizes it nicely, in the special intro.  :-D
Oh, wow.  Things could be worse.  Point taken.
Heh heh heh.
No, you're not dense, "Origin" is a hard read.  But no other book explains Natural Selection as well.
It's the mid-1800s literary style that's hard to wade through, though I find it lyrical and beautiful in places.  Just pride yourself on reading a book that's way, way beyond anything on Oprah's reading list.  Taking the time to read and comprehend this great work is an achievement in this age of podcasts, sound-bites, 60-second news, TV shows where everything is wrapped up in an hour, and a "reading" populace that thinks the Twilight series is a work of literature.
yeah as everyone else has said. it's just a difficult read in general.

Really?  I thought this was surprisingly easy to read.  Much more so than some of the more modern books covering the same material.


Ah, well.  Each to their own.

The writing style does make it a little tough to follow but knowledge that is quickly and easily obtained is very likely superficial, not worth knowing or easily forgotten.  Origins is among the greatest works of science literature.




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