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The ID adherents never seem to know when to quit, do they? I wonder how they got through the review board with this?

Just more evidence that "intelligent design" and "creationist science" is nothing of the sort.  They don't have any credible scientists on their side performing credible studies that stand up to peer review, so they misrepresent, misquote, and distort the work of real scientists and resort to blatant lying to get their so-called theories past the law and our school boards. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that dishonest tactics like this aren't needed if your work is solid and scientifically validated.  Their entire premise is based on paranoia "Mainstream science is keeping us down and hiding the truth!" and misrepresentation "Such and such paper says scientists aren't 100% SURE about _____, so it must be wrong!!", all with the aim of trying to force facts to fit their preconceived notions and slipping it into our classrooms.  If they can't beat science at its own game, they will obfuscate it.

thanks for the post ... I did not hear about it .. I enjoyed reading the article


I actually have some inside knowledge of Springer Verlag and I can assure that they have no idea what they're doing. It wouldn't surprise me that someone could slip something by them....

Really? I always thought that they were supposed to be one of the top publishers in the sciences, but if they let something like this slip by, they definitely have some problems.  

From my experience, letting things slip by is not a rare occurrence at Springer...

Can you imagine what a home schooled child, taught by an uneducated math, sciences, and history parent, will do when faced with real world problems that need understanding of historical roots and procedures to ask the valid questions and use reliable equipment to answer the tough ones. If the parent and books contain information that is demonstrably inaccurate, the child has no chance in the growing age of technology and professionalism. It is not enough to say god created the earth 6,000 years ago and then make the evidence fit the theory and refuse to change when new evidence appears. Insanity of the first order. 




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