Improving people's lives seems to be one of the most effective methods of building support for evolutionary theory. To me, evolutionary psychology explains a lot about the criminal justice system, i.e., child abuse, domestic violence, sexual predators, youth violence, gang crime, why crimes that inflict higher fitness costs draw harsher punishments. etc.

Your thoughts on the applicability of evolutionary psychology?

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Brian Edward Croner, you paint with a very broad brush. Perhaps you look for women in all the wrong places. There are some who care about being part of a partnership, who want to contribute to the relationship, and know how to create joy, productivity, compassion and critical thought with an equal partner.

Hook me up with that type, Joan. I want! I want one before it's too late and I'm a rich-o.

Sorry, Brian, you'll have to do the work yourself. If you look for surface beauty and ignore internal deficits, you will not find that for which you search. A woman who likes herself the way she is, who does not try to be what you want her to be, who can think for herself and does not need to be dependent on anyone but herself, who knows how to express her thoughts and listen to different points of view, who stands on a solid foundations of moral and ethical principles, who does not see herself as the center of the universe but as a participant in the very broad web of life, will perhaps be the kind of partner you want in life. Good luck. 

I'll try and remember this, especially the independence bit. And not to piss you off, but I'm still skeptical. I still love women, even though in my heart I believe they only care about money. They are my favorite type of people. And I still want a woman, even though I know that her love and affection for me will be dependent on me having money. When the money goes, she will go, too. And she would never have anything to do with me unless I have a lot of money. So I still want one, knowing that her love is not eternal. The stupid US financial system is rigged, rife with corruption and favoritism, to the point where I can't imagine it being any other way.

What if women and men were more self-aware of their well-documented instinctual attraction to, respectively, resources and fertility? Maybe they would make fewer impulsive, self-destructive choices?

Yep. Marriage and babies are destructive. I'm a single guy with no responsibilities. I'm a bachelor.

I, as a man, find myself more attracted to beautiful women. But her financial situation plays into it, too. I wouldn't touch a girl who has huge student loans or has nothing she could ever offer the economy. People's financial situations are understandably complex in America. This is a slave system, with slave wages and slave jobs (except for those most connected to the "top 1%"). But I'm not financially lame, and I wouldn't be with a girl who is, either.

But then you've got the same attitude you accuse women of: no money, no relationship. What are you complaining of then? It cannot be women and their attitudes. The slave system in the USA - I think you have got a point there.

I'm saying I wouldn't want a woman who is a financial burden to me. Just because she has no money doesn't mean she's worthless. I want a woman with potential. Maybe she has a degree in engineering, mathematics, or computer science, but she hasn't converted that to millions yet. Maybe she has a particular talent. The US system is very unfair. If she's done her part in becoming valuable, but no one has ever walked up to her and handed her an opportunity to become rich, I won't blame her for it.

But then there are women who are walking baggage. A single mom, or maybe some bum-girl who hasn't done shit with her life yet, and hasn't tried. Or somebody who went to an expensive school, majored in something easy and stupid, and has $50k in student loans with no way to pay it off. I have respect for a person who gives an honest effort, fails, and tries again with another honest effort. I have no respect for somebody who makes a stupid decision that permanently fucks up their life, and wants to marry her way out of the trouble she's in.

In what circles do you move Brian? I never see the sort of woman you describe.

Orange County, Southern California

Have you not heard of prenuptial contracts?  If women see you only as a gold mine maybe you should reassess your limited view of women or your own self image.. 




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