Improving people's lives seems to be one of the most effective methods of building support for evolutionary theory. To me, evolutionary psychology explains a lot about the criminal justice system, i.e., child abuse, domestic violence, sexual predators, youth violence, gang crime, why crimes that inflict higher fitness costs draw harsher punishments. etc.

Your thoughts on the applicability of evolutionary psychology?

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Many of our experiences are completely illusory.  The mind does screwed up things, sometimes.  Strangely, I put more weight on experimental science than I do on the way people perceive things to be, instinctively, since our instincts and feelings are often wrong.

exactly!  If our perceptions were always correct we wouldn't have optical illusions.

I think you're making a mutual division where one doesn't exist.  I can't see where experience and truth are mutually exclusive.  Of course, there's different ways to divide the pie re: truth, but for science to be what it is it still requires a philosophical underpinning... and philosophy is no more than the search for truth.  It might be ever-increasing circles of which we have to choose a point to begin and end, but that makes subjectivity small portions of a grander objectivity.  Objectivity cannot be charted as easily as subjective data, for a circle is whole and a line segment is just that.  Hope this makes sense.

Can't speak for others but, no, that didn't make any sense to me.

Que sera...

I'd reply if you'd give me something to reply to.




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