I've had a "reverse evolution" theory for some years now. It's not very politically correct, and I haven't really had any strong objections or arguments against it when presenting it to various people. So, I thought I would run it by this group and see what you think.

First off, I believe that "natural selection/survival of the fittest" stopped being a factor in the human ability to reproduce a long time ago. In our advanced society, there is no longer anadvantage to be of a certain intellegence or to be in any kind of physical condition to find a mate and have your offspring survive. There may be an advantage as far as the quality of mate you may attract, but not in the ability to have offspring. We will assume this as a fact. If you disagree, please let me know why.

Now is where it gets politically incorrect. I believe that we are currently witnessing an era in human history in which (in general) the most intellegent humans are purposefully limiting the amount of offspring that they produce for various reasons, including: career demands, environmental concerns, choice of "quality over quantity", they are more "responsible" in general so are less likely to have an accidental pregnancy etc.

Then you have the less intellegent/responsible members of our species. Let's start out with the real zinger-they are more likely to hold fundamental religious beliefs which are influencing them to have more offspring. They are going to be less responsible and more likely to have accidental pregnancies (may also be less likely to get an abortion due to their religious beliefs). I feel that there is a tendancy for the less intellegent to percieve less "meaning" in their life and are trying to fill this void with children. Some (not all) may be taking advantage of our welfare system. I could list more, but I'm already feeling "dirty" for this last paragraph, so I won't go on.
Please realize that I realize that I am making many broad generalizations in these assumptions/claims. I know there are many exceptions.
However, I will not back down from my claim that there is a generalized trend for the less intellegently fit/mentally unstable members of our society to reproduce at a faster rate than the more "fit" members. After a few generations, if this trend continues-it could theoretically snowball with unpredictable and unhealthy consequences.
So there it is in a nutshell. Am I ignorant, nuts, classist, racist, right on, stating the obivious(and thinking that I'm coming up with an original thought when I'm not)?
What do you think?
I'm not easily offended, so let me hear it.

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... they will become a superior species called post-humans whether you like it or not.

If I were a 'post-human', I certainly wouldn't like it. Just for the same reason I wouldn't call myself a 'post-ape' now. I'd prefer a much flashier name.
And Nate, please don't say things like smart Jews designed IQ tests to favor their kind, because it sounds anti-semitic.

Perhaps, but I'm sufficiently secure in my non-anti-semitic views to say that. It was a matter of context. Spencer suggested that a specific ethnicity(coincidentally his) does better on IQ tests than another ethnicity and I attempted to explain the cultural bias inherent in those tests. I am sorry if offense was taken. I've never had a tastier matzo ball soup than my own, and I mean that. :)
No offense was taken. That's why I wrote that it sounded anti-semitic.

It's hard to communicate sarcasm and humor online, especially in the context of a subject as serious as "racial purity/superiority".

And may I have the recipe for that matzo ball soup of yours? I'm a big soup person. You could post it in The Knife and the Fork group.

Next time I make it I'll attempt to write some sort of recipe for it and post it in the Knife and Fork group. I just kinda throw stuff in a pot and it works very well. It's best accompanied by a Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda. You should be able to find that in your neck of the woods, Adriana. You got to try it at least once, if you haven't already.
I've never had a tastier matzo ball soup than my own

Care to share your little secret in the Knife and Fork?
Will do, Jaume.
The phrase "reverse evolution" is wrong. Evolution doesn't care about our ideas of fitness, and it isn't a goal-directed process -- there is no "forward" or "reverse", just "suitability to the current environment". Those who have the most offspring that survive to reproduce are the most fit by definition -- it has nothing to do with human ideas of intelligence, social utility, or anything else. The environment has changed. Maybe smart people are simply not all that "fit" anymore, biologically; maybe the fitness peaks have moved, due to changes in the nature of selective pressure at work in our modern technological society. Nature doesn't care.

None of that absolves us of the obligation to continue to work to make it more likely our species/offspring survive, have enjoyable and fulfilling life experiences, etc (assuming we care about that). But this is a different topic from biological evolution.
Hey Scott,
I'm not going to label you, you can label yourself.. I mean are we not all a little ignorant, some more than others?

Through experience, and from watching others around me I have been wondering the same thing. Pondering the same theory of the deterioration of society, or rather really of the mind. Since I believe that evolution has to ddo with the mind. (Our thoughts predict our actions) Though I think that dividing people the way you do is not correct, for many reasons, the first reason is I know, well most of the people I know are religious, and alot of them very successful, and intelligent, I mean I have known alot of different people in my life, from the lowest of classes to the highest of classes, from people that own third generation sheet metal shops and sit on the city council for heating and cooling, to old friends(drugies and shit now) back to lawyers and bankers, and really they are all the same, most of them are slobs, I mean this guy I worked with he lived with his mom next door to his sister who used to be a stripper, but they all are pretty friendly to the enviroment, they don't have alot of kids(2), but they're not good people in other repects, they are very spitefull, esspecially when they know you don't believe in god. Then there is the bankers son, mommas boy, fraternity nut, he went to catholic school in Nebraska, he's part of a rich farming family, Very religious and very greedy. He claims he dosn't believe in god he dropped out of that school and enrolled at UNI. But he is always talking about god, and thanking god... He also has bragged to me that he has never had to apply for a job,. He's married to a doctor and pharmacists' daughter from Boston Mass. she's very smart...

Ok, i am kind of making this long and drawn out so i'll just say that I've seen ignorance and smarts in the same person and in the same failies and in different classes. The society killer is (has been) technology; TV, comupters, proccessed foods, the list goes on and on(big business) and before that it was the lack of courage to speak up, because at one time, not very long ago if one spoke out against the tide, they got their very own labotomy and a padded cell, now people are volunteering for their very own cemical labotomy, I suppose because the truth hurts and the tide is strong and healing change seems impossible..


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