Hi everyone, wow this is so refreshing, being able to talk to folks of a like mind, instead of being made to feel like a nut case among religeous zealots.

My view is now that we are causing the mass extinction of our planet. these events have occured many times in the earths history, asteroids, disease climate change, have all been blamed for the mass species extinction events that have befallen our planet.

I firmly believe that we are on a road to nowhere. We will gradually over-populate, and kill off everything else that walks, climbs, crawls, fly,s or swims, until we eat and  kill ourselves.

If an intelligent life-form evolves after us, they will dig up the relics of our existance, and wonder why we were so selfish and stupid, as to think we owned the entire planet, to ruin and exploit, and why we were entitled to kill and take everything.   

Unfortunately, religion explains it all to the deluded faithful. We are the chosen species in the eyes of our chosen God, and that entitles us to what our chosen God has provided for us. Science and evidence are no match for faith, and unfortunately, we are destined to be the creators of our own doom.    Please discuss your views on this please 

Alan Buch

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Welcome Alan and thanks for discussing your concern for human future. Your thinking is highly pessimistic. In spite all the obvious irresponsibility that is very obviously visible in human conduct, I believe in human ingenuity and survival instinct. Mass extinction may occur due to non-human causes but we will survive all self made calamities by our ingenuity and will power.

Thanks for that Madhukar, great name there. Yes you are right, i,m pessimistic, i have terminal pessimism i,m afraid. I guess we,l all have to just wait and watch how it develops, but from where i,m sitting, I dont hold out much hope for our ingenuity saving us this time.

Alan, given all your pessimism, when do you think this extinction will come? Why do you think that our ingenuity will not help this time? I suggest that you should not base your pessimism on Government positions; so much on this earth has been achieved without Government support in the last century alone.

Hello again Madhukar, I believe that the expansion of the human population will continue unchecked, until shortage of food forces famine . Humanity however may be facing an antibiotic time-bomb, as the common diseases we thought we had conquered begin to develop resistance to our antibiotic treatments. This may be a factor in the control of our human population. We certainly wont control population with our ingenuity. People in poor countries will always try to have as many babies as possible, to counteract high infant mortality rates. Thats human nature. Parents need grown up children to provide security for them in old age.

Presuming ingenius scientists keep pace with disease, and benevolant countries manage to redistrubute food wealth, in a way we find impossible to do now, then inevitably,we expand, until we reach a situation where this island we call Earth cant feed us all. We then take over otherwise protected land areas for cultivation, clean out the remaning fish and edible sea life, (we are nearly there already), eat everything that walks crawls or burrows, until we have the mass extinction we started the debate about. 

Call me an old pessimist, but that seems to be our fate.

Sorry my wording was a bit aggressive folks and didn't really get my point accross. I guess what I should have said to put it really bluntly is I think fat people are all stupid. But that's my shoulder chip.
Honestly... I try not to think too much about religious wars that are probably coming. I try not to think too much about mostly anything that results in me dying because I'm poor as shit and can't afford to prevent a single bit of it (for example purchase a tank to get through a dry spell, buy land high up, stockpile non perishable foods, etc).
If there's one thing I've learned from my religious parents it's that trying to affect things on a global scale is farting in the wind. I have to chin up despite the fact I'm sure there's going to be a 1920's-esque depression soon (stupid fucking money, hate it, wish it wasn't only way of entering society in Australia) and try me best to recession-proof myself. Invest in plants people. They're one of the only things besides food that people will be buying (and stealing) when they are starving. If I can help make sure none of the smart people in a 100m radius of my house die this decade, I guess I will have at least farted in an elevator.

Alexandra, I have on my refrigerator a copy of the photo you have on your posts. I love it.

Several months ago, a health food, anti-obesity fan I know asked me for my thoughts on obesity in America.

I replied, "It's sociological suicide".

The sometimes violent religious war now being fought in the US of A is about abortion. Just yesterday, a man I know who's not an anti-abortion fanatic asked me the standard anti-abortion question: "When does life begin?"

It's a demagogue's question, intended to stir emotion and divide, but it's so often asked that I figured it's the only question he knows to ask. I told him life began at least three billion years ago and continued with "When do the rights of a fetus trump the rights of the woman?" He had no answer. I see him often and will ask if he has given the matter some more thought.

About recessions/depressions. A boo recently published here, authored by an economics professor, contends that capitalism is by its nature unstable, that the US of A has had one every seven-to-ten years, and the taxpayers always bail out those who cause them.

My dad, providing for a family during the 1930s depression, had recession-proofed himself by owning and operating a small meat market/grocery store. I knew little about the Depression until I studied economics.

I like your "farted in an elevator". Young people here talk that way; old folks here were too well taught otherwise.

How's your atheist PM doing? Well, I hope.

Her party is pushing control of the media, which is of course inflaming the media, so mostly all I hear about her now is very negative and I don't take it seriously. I wish it wasn't illegal to vote in Australia, I have no interest in it, it's another "farting in the wind" thing.

I can't believe I said ""try me best", that's a typo.

I don't feel like I belong in this millennium, believeing in a resource-based economy, preferring governance by a supercomputer powered by a large voting society (no leaders, no-one to benefit from exploitation), I literally do not care anymore who is in power, because I feel I universally cannot trust a single person who is given it. So how is Julia doing? Oh, you know, pretending not to be a lesbian (the husband is obviously completely for show and a let's-be-gay-secretly-together-pact) as usual, and that's about all I know or care to know, after the number of times I've listened to her completly insencere (insencire? inscinsire? blah!) tone which she uses, no matter what the topic. I truly wish our first female prime minister hadn't been such a hypocritical toad, lining her pockets with just shy of $500,000 a year, not to mention all the perks. It makes me sick, I won't get started on what I'd like to do to her.

Is there a limit on the number of times you can have an abortion in America? Here it's 3. If you have twins the third time they will only remove one, that's how stringent they are, I know this from a true story.

I miss the great depression. :P 

Sam in WV, Yes, “evolutionary adaptability occurs over many generations of organisms, perhaps thousands”. In those past occasions of volcanic activity or massive meteor impacts, too much air pollution causes small or mass extinctions.

Air pollution from natural sources blocks the ability of flora and fauna to survive. Humans now put as much pollutants into the atmosphere as only volcanoes or meteors did up to this time. Humans now have the capacity to change life as we know it on Earth.


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