The Bible and The Quran both describe a unitary god. They belonged to the same region, they mention some common prophets, they both say that they created the world in six days. Are they therefore same? Can the similarities or the differences between them answer above question?

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That's a definite suggestion.  The whole idea is a bit of a cluster-fuck.  Do the Catholics and the Southern Baptists worship the same god?  One god accepts you into his happy, shiny place if you accept him as your personal savior.  The other demands works.  In my mind, they worship different gods, because the basic character of their gods is different.

Which starts us down that road.  Do the Southern Baptists, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Freewill Southern Baptists worship the same god? ... because the behavior and personality they ascribe to him varies wildly.

Certainly, Allah and Yahweh started as the same god, but the two different groups morphed him significantly.  I'd argue that he's still the same god, more or less, but there are differences.  And the line you draw is going to be completely arbitrary, if you're inclined to theological chalk marks.

What about the Mormons?  They still worship Jesus.

Heresy! Are you claiming that Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul are really the same Duncan McLeod?

That is the only possible conclusion based on evidence.  We must be true to our reason.

Jason Fleming

I have never heard of the gentlemen you have mentioned, so I leave it to you to make any comparisons, if they are possible.

Andrew Wiggin

There can be only One!

Only if there has to be one! Athests do not believe in any of them, this question is asked because there are some commonalities in the Quran and the Bible.

Certainly, Allah and Yahweh started as the same god, but the two different groups morphed him significantly.  I'd argue that he's still the same god, more or less, but there are differences.

Although we do not think of any gods, we are talking on the subject of christian and islamic gods and what you have said is essenially what I was seeeking. This is how it appears if we read the Quran and the Bible. The character of both the gods is man made and it is really pointless to make comparison between the two because their characters are merely the character of their makers.

Jason Fleming

Let us start a new game, as you wish to do.

They all have a different name for the same biblical god, so, they cannot get on with one another: as Joseph Campbell said once, they are stuck on their metaphors.

james boag

Yes, they can not get on with one another because they want independent identities. For this reason, they may deny their own god even if the god was common!


You do have a point on the identity principle, but in this day and age we as a global community must over come our tribal identities. They do have one biblical god in common, its almost funny if it weren't so sad, that the sound they make to acknowledge that which is after all transcendent or beyond all the categories of human thought, is what they wish to kill each other over.   

I have not read the entire thread yet (6 pages so far), but as far as what I have read, Allah and Yahweh should be one and the same (let's leave aside that tehy are both non existent).

Yahweh is the god of war in Judaic theology (at least youtube says so :) and in fact I remember reading a passage where the priests of Baal (anoter god mentioned in the bible) were defeated by Yahweh's priests. 

Considering the Allah is certainly a god of war and the Allah itself is simply the translation for "god" my money is on Yahweh and Allah being the same god. At least if Mohamed was thinking about the prevalent judeochristian god, that would be yahweh by the time he was around and so is his Allah


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