This is my newest blog on the problems I've seen with a religious base of understanding the world, involving some biological and some moral issues.

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Then again it also says a talking snake told a woman not to eat an apple, so perhaps we shouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

This link is a very good commentary on any idea of god and faith. There are manyfold such contradictions in Bible and you can not believe in them unless you are blinded by faith.

Thanks! I always try to temper serious discussion with humor. I like to think I give people a laugh, not a tongue lashing.

I'd just never seen anyone question why if God wants people to have children, all God needs are a single egg and a single sperm.

Nice read so far, but one thing I noted was  two sperm + one egg = identical twins.  That would be a genetic impossibility.  Identical twins occur when a zygote splits and forms two embryos.  Thus, monozygotic twins are identical, and dizygotic twins are fraternal.

Ah. Shouldn't always trust Google, I guess. Thanks for pointing that out.

I updated corrected information.

I know this doesn't correct the segment of the article in any substantial way, but I thought you might enjoy this, dr kellie.,8599,1603799,00.html

Apparently it can happen but is extremely rare that two sperm fertilize a single egg.

Very cool, and very complicated.  Thanks.




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