Farmers in China have unearthed the nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile armored dinosaur that may be one of the largest ankylosaurs, suggesting this group of beasts grew big early in their evolutionary history.

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An awesome find.  China has been uncovering quite a large number of important dinosaur remains.  Very cool. 

The article points out that this particular specimen is early on the evolutionary tree, as it hasn't evolved the clubbed tail yet. 

My goodness! How did Noah get all of them in the ark?

He didn't.  That's why they're extinct.  Duh.  ^.^

Looks like a giant version of the armored dildo. Did they find any in Texas?

They could be relatives of the armadillo. Incidentally, they are disappearing here, as have the reptile that gave my college its mascot, "horned toads." Just as tequila doesn't come from a cactus, properly speaking, horned toads are reptillian; perhaps global warming and the droughts have wiped them out. As a child, I saw quite a few and they were scary. But now that i have taken biology nothing like that scares me. Geckos the first time I saw one of our big albino-pink ones, but they seem to have decreased in number, too. Armadillos move slowly at it used to be common on country roads to see them squashed out, or dying on the edge of the road, a shame I am told because some hunters here swear the meat is a delicacy. They're obviously prehistoric.

We lived in El Paso, William Beaumont Army Medical Center housing for two years and caught horned toads for pets. They loved to have their tummies rubbed, and to be stroked. He/she/it would move its body to the place it wanted to be petted and looked like a smiling Buddha when pleased. They ate ants and we had lots of ant hills around our housing unit. They were totally tame and seemed to like our company. We kept it loose outside and it didn't leave. We just made sure there was always fresh water for it. 

Great story, thanks.

I like that story Joan.  When I was young, dad took us to the sand dunes several times where he loaded the truck with sand, and we caught horned toads to put in the sandbox he made.  I thought those critters were the coolest.

I don't remember them enjoying rubbing, but my memory that far back is sketchy.

It is sad to see wildlife dwindling. Is it alarmist to say that we are witnessing the start of another great extinction? 

Ankylosaurs are not especially close to armadillos. The last common ancestor of these two clades was the basal amniote, sort of a lizard. That's the same last common ancestor that all us mammals have with all the "reptile" side of the family: turtles, lizards, crocs, birds, dinosaurs etc. I'm guessing ankylosaurs were loners. Anyone know? Wikipedia doesn't say. 

It is sad to see wildlife dwindling. Is it alarmist to say that we are witnessing the start of another great extinction?

Hell, if anything, I'd say you're being a little over-cautious, with your usage of the words 'start of'.

Foundational presuppositions, mostly.  Most of them think of The Flood as some huge break, before which the earth was completely different than it is now.  After all, when you lose the massive orbiting ice shield which had been doubling the atmospheric pressure, increasing the oxygen content of the atmosphere in some unexplained way, and protecting us from mutating radiation, you're going to get some major changes.

The creationists have been hard at work on this sort of stuff for decades, making up plausible explanations that make sense, if you tend to only look at the surface of things.  As long as you have almost no science education, you won't see the massive, basic flaws in the "model" put forth by the creationists.

If fossils can form in hundreds of years, as the creationists say, then there's no reason that the dinosaurs couldn't have been around until right before The Flood.  Never mind that the fossilization that the creationists point to is just calcification, caused by human products getting dropped into an environment full of water with a high mineral-content, and then a layer of crap forms around the object.  When you don't understand the basics, you don't know how much they're lying to you.

Patricia, an excellent site. and interesting article about juvenile armored dinosaur. I love this kind of article. Another article in this group caught my fancy, as well.

dinosaur called Ornithomimus edmontonicus, # 9 of 10 Dinosaur with Feathers

"adorned with stringy down — filament like feathers up to 2 inches (5 centimeters) long. The sexually mature adult also had markings on its winglike forelimbs that suggest it bore longer feathers that were absent from the juveniles of the species that were also discovered. As such, the researchers think the feathers may have been used for courtship or brooding, much as male peacocks shake their striking feathers to woo females.




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