Published on Dec 9, 2013

"In many ways, 2013 was the "Year Of The Atheist". Let's take a look at some of the atheist highlight from the past year."

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I love that "If atheists don't like that, they don't have to live here" crap.  By extension, does that mean that, if someone else doesn't believe in something she insists on, that they don't have to live here, either?

This is yet another example of the insulation that too many of these christians live with.  They have become so used to the domination of their belief culture that any deviation from it is intolerable to them.  They likely give lip service to diversity, but when they're truly confronted with it, they can't cope.


That was really good review. 1 in 5 our numbers are growing

great find, Steph! 

don't you just love it that people who choose to believe without any tangible evidence consider us the stupid ones?  like all the other Gods before Yahweh, there will be a time when he falls into the myth category too. 

Hi Steph -- loved 'the year in review'  I'm very new to this & happy to be finding people who think like I do, so I'm not feeling like am outcast!  Lot's to Lear n( LTL!)  here. I find that without having a 'god' over my head like a' big thumb in the sky' bearing down all the time makes me feel less fearful about everything. thanks for support!

 Goodness, what a busy year...the reality clearly is there is a peeling back of the social acceptability of public expressions of toxic messages of Christianity.

And I like that. The reality is this mob is a growing MINORITY, vocal and backed with lots of money...but becoming less and less as accepted.



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