Being atheist makes us good people to understand how we are unique in the universe?

What do you think? The atheists are more aware of life?


For me, this video illustrates atheism as a way to live life fully, respecting others and yourself. Things really are meant for atheists? Especially for the atheists who have a vast knowledge on various areas of knowledge?

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Dignity is one of those things you understand when you have it.
I could not agree more.  In my view, dignity occurs at the moment of accepting the reality of one's personal being against the backdrop of fellow travelers moving amidst the cosmos.  Regardless of how I came to exist, I do and I persist.  I am less than some and more than others, but I persist nonetheless.  I like who I am and will no longer subvert my sense of self for any self-negating ideology.  If I were to die tonight, I would do so with active memories of awe inspiring big trees, the shortened  breath of high altitudes, sleeping against a raging surf, the taste of rusting metal in my mouth, reading Sunday morning obituaries, the smell of carmelized onions wafting in the kitchen, the feeling of baby shit running down my chest, waking to a lover's morning breathe.  Not a bad thought in the bunch.  I may not be remembered by many, but that is their problem.  I, personally, remember more than my fair share.  I am content with my own self, in a dignified sort of way.  I am atheist because nothing defines me aside from my own experience with being an existent being.  I got used to me, every one else had better get on board.  I am, because I feel, think, and persist.  And to think there are tomatoes ripening on the vine, let me add to the memories.  Yes, I am old enough to have an "e" as an option on the end of "tomato".
Dignity is having a clear conscience.


Perhaps I'm misinterpreting what you mean (or, perhaps you're not expressing yourself accurately) but we are not unique in the universe, nor do we know everything nor necessarily respect others.  If you look at a sample of the comments made here you are more llikely to conclude that:  We have an inflated opinion of ourselves and like to have our egos massaged by others of like mind.  We are contemptuous of religious folks and throw rotten cabbage at them, call them unmentionable pagan names and scare their kids.  We try to get others to join us by first calling them stupid, ignorant and superstitious.  (Perhaps it's reverse aversion training?  I don't know.)  We are almost universally disliked, and are rarely asked to go out to do fun stuff because we fart uncontrollably in the presence of christians.  We have extremists, who try to attain a higher level by purging bad words (and thoughts?) from their vocabulary, though this can cause problems on Blaspheme Day.


No, Henrique O, we are not the chosen people.  Except for our particular beliefs, we are like everyone else - wandering around and trying to make sense of life.











Good answer. I mean unique in the universe at least until now.
I think we have more dignity than the religious.  There is no dignity in prostrating oneself before an imaginary supernatural creature.  When we throw the yoke of religion off, we reclaim human dignity.
Dignity is what gives each of us the right to an honest opinion and freedom of speech about it.
I know that things are relative, but from the standpoint of a rational debate the dignity would equality and respect for all. I think that religions are not this way.

Couldn't agree more , Henrique , if so, how come there's so much of them



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