Atheist "Good Without God" billboards are scheduled to go up in the Sacramento area of California the day after Thanksgiving. Per the article:


"Those of us who are free from religion, who work to keep dogma out of government, science, medicine and education, have a lot to offer society," said Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, which sponsored the ads....The foundation also plans to place a large version of the letter "A," for atheism, in Chicago's Daley Plaza, the site of an annual Christmas display.

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I hope that these signs will stay up for the prescribed period of time. I know that they have come down early in some places.

Or get vandalized ... by GOOD little christians! [cringe!]

I'm glad something is going up to represent us.  When I travel  through Tn the farther south I get the more billbords I see about religion.  "Got God"?  "Take your kids to Church" "The Family That Prays Together...'  Ad nauseum.  I've yet to see the first ahteists/humanists billboard.




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