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A Younger Generation’s Rise to Atheism
Dear all young non-theists! I am Pete Darwin and I’m an avid secular humanist atheist and have been all my life. I’m currently completing a Masters of Science at the University of Melbourne in the area of evolutionary genetics and zoology. Anyway, I am working at putting together a book of essays regarding the younger generations’ rise to atheism.
The idea for this book was brought about when I decided I wanted to tell my story about how I became an atheist, as well as share a bit about my personal life with religion and numerous fundi family members. It’s been a bumpy and interesting ride to say the least. However, while reflecting on my own history with religion and atheism I knew there must be numerous other interesting, amazing, scary, and even heartbreaking stories out there that should also be told.
The majority of what one reads, views or hears about atheism comes from an older generation. They are the authors of books, speakers at conferences and hosts on documentaries, and they do an amazing job at it too. However, I think the voice of the younger generations of atheists and their experiences and stories would be a great addition to the scientific, sceptical and non-theistic realm!
I want to provide a book that younger generations of theists, non-theists and agnostics alike can read, more easily digest, and hopefully connect with on a deeper level. I want to show what kind of person your average atheist is, and present an argument to show that the gap between atheists and theists is much narrower than assumed. To show that we atheists just have a different take on life that is based on scientific evidence and fact. Atheists are the least trusted minority according to US polls, when things couldn’t be further from the truth.
So I think it’s incredibly important to create a book that illustrates who and what the average atheist is like, as well as why, when and how they became an atheist.
I hope the book gives theist readers a better understanding of atheism and atheists in general, and not to fear or hate them as all too many do today. I hope it reassures and strengthens other atheists who read it, and that it gets fence sitter agnostics into the right paddock. I also hope that people in the process of losing their religion, or even those who just starting to question things, with something to connect with and provide a little support and guidance. 
What is required of essay authors?
  • To write 2000-5000 words
    • Firstly, on their rise to atheism (the when, where, why, how), and any other interesting personal stories with religion or supernatural belief.
    • Secondly, on the role atheism plays in your life.
    • Thirdly, on at least one thing that brought them to atheism or solidifies there position there.
For the third section I’d like to cover as many areas as possible, which reinforce one’s stance as an atheist or a sceptic (if it’s about supernatural beliefs like astrology/homeopathy/psychics, etc).
  • Examples: any area of science: evolution, archaeology, geology, history and inaccuracies in the bible, philosophy, issues with morality, Christ mythicism, 
So one would introduce that topic and then explain how it is in direct contrast with theism or supernatural beliefs and affirms their atheism. With any personal stories relating to the topic added in if one chooses.
It doesn’t have to be that exact formula, but the main idea is to have a personal story about how one became an atheist and why one remains an atheist with reference to a specific reason/topic. People are welcome to add in anything extra, and go outside of the word limit if they need.
I will be getting in contact with a number of renowned atheists to be involved with this book, and will hopefully have space for 15-20 essays from average Joe young atheists of all shapes and sizes. I have to just quickly mention that all essays may be edited or asked for editing to be made, and that there’s no assurance that all essays will be published in the book. The best 15-20 will be chosen. Anyway, thanks for your time and keep fighting the good fight my friends!

Please share this information with anyone you know who could be interested, and feel free to contact me at

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Define 'younger generation'.  What sort of range are we looking for here?
Ah sorry mate, thought I'd included that. We've made the cut of age 40 or younger.
I'm just turning 39 in August so I guess I'd just make the cut. I'd be interested in participating with a submission if I can find the spare time. I'm just beginning my Masters of Adult Education, and I'm hoping to touch on some relevant issues to atheism within my research. Is there any set process for submissions, other than the required list? Just write it up and send it away?

I think his bullet points up at the top set up sufficient guidelines.  I've gotten the idea that he's relatively loose in his requirements so that he doesn't limit the results he'll get.  I imagine one of those scenarios where he may change his plans for the book, based upon what he gets from his writers.  When you solicit a group of creative types, you'll usually be surprised by the results and will be better off using their creativity to your advantage.


Go nuts, man.

Yeah that's it mate. Just follow the basic guidelines, and hit me up once you've finished. :)
This is a very worthy effort and we wish you the best of success Pete.

Thank you kindly Dr. Meaden. Hope you don't mind me posting this here. All the best.



You have posted in the best possible place.
I just forwarded this on to my 12 year old writer daughter.  She's excited about it, and will start working on it when there is a lull in her novel writing.  She said, "I'll do it, but it's unlikely mine will get picked."  I said, "You never know... and besides, you're never too young to start collecting rejection letters." ;-)

Haha too right! I really appreciate that Annie, thanks a lot and tell your daughter good luck from me :D I'm sure she'll do a great job.



Thanks.  Do you have a submission deadline set yet?

Nothing set in stone just yet as I've only just got it off the ground. I'm hoping to start getting them in anytime from now to xmas. So there's no rush just yet.


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