any friendly atheists want to help me get back on my feet? in a rough time and being circled by christian vultures who basically offer to help in exchange for me submitting to the cult.

ive been trying to reach out to some people for some help getting back on my feet. dont feel like typing out a sob story but basically i do not have anyone to turn to.

im willing to work, and feel i have something to contribute to society still ... but im at a point where the offer of some help in exchange for pretending to be christian is tempting.

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RNS, you might consider relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically, San Francisco proper. Their social service agencies are very good...I've had to avail myself of their services in the past. I myself am homeless again, but am now being paid a monthly retirement pension that, while not lucrative, is able to keep me off the streets for the most part. And, most important, SF is the gateway to the Silicon Valley, and there are computer-oriented firms up the kazoo. The economy is no better here than anywhere else, but at least the jobs are more in your line of expertise than most other locations. If that is something you might consider, I can be prevailed upon to provide more detailed information as the situation warrants. Best of luck in your seeking better circumstances.

yeah id love to go to sanfrancisco

ill even work in resteraunts and shit just to avoid being homeless

maybe we could help each other!

sounds like a great new start :)

To Alice: It's splendid the ideas you have brought to the attention of the OP and the rest of us.


To OP: If you follow up these suggestions, do keep us posted as to results and consequences. 



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