I recently started a new job and eveyone seems very religous. While discussing with a co-worker that i recently quit smoking she said "i bet your family and god are smiling down on you for that". i just smiled and continued my lunch. Should i have said different?

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When it comes to co-workers, feel free to keep your thoughts on any potentially divisive topic private.  It's usually the best thing to do.
Being that we are one of the most hated groups, I think it is wise to pick your battles. Sadly I am not very wise, and I tell most people I am an atheist (as I have been for decades). That said, I attempt at every turn to dispel the notion that Atheists are uncaring, evil-doers... Friendly Atheist, that's my moniker.
I like your view. I think we are misunderstood than anything, sadly that makes many people hate us.

I live in Nashville, TN -- so you can imagine what I am up against. Not to mention I am in a biracial relationship w/ 2 half black daughters :-). Fun times.

"which one?" is pretty fun. Throws a monotheist for a loop, a poly theist a laugh, and well could lead to an interesting conversation with a mormon? You never know? Could be Hunamon? Ptah? (wait is Ptah real like Zues or Pelor? ) coulda been a witch! Hern! :hehe:

I think you have to be smart about protecting your own interests.  If you want to keep your job.  It would be difficult if they asked you directly, if it is a work place where they discriminate against atheism.  Or even just make it more uncomfortable for you to work in that environment.

It very much depends on your circumstances at work and if you think you will be accepted or rejected for your world view.

From my understanding, the basis of Christianity, is that Jesus was about love.  He apparently talks in the Bible (I was brought up half in an India Kult as Theist and half atheist, by Hippy Anglo Saxon English Parents), about loving thy neighbour and loving thy enemy.  So really if you wanted to get technical with the Christian co workers, you could address their faith, if they treat you any differently due to your differing world view then they are directly going against their faith of loving there neighbours and their enemies.  Jesus was about love man!  What's with all the name calling / heavy judgement / avoidance strategies???

The other reason that Christians might shun atheist colleagues is due to fear.  Religious people tend to be scared of atheists because I reckon they get it confused with anarchist, or something, like an atheist is unpredictable.  Perhaps it would be useful, if you do end up disclosing your atheisms, so qualify your position with references regarding your ability to distinguish behaviour that might harm others, with behaviour that is caring of others :) - you could also point out that Jesus was in fact a nonviolent anarchist - aiming to overturn the domination,oppression and abuse of his people, by the Romans, through practicing and advocating nonviolent resistance to the oppressive behaviour of the hegemonic culture.




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