Human beings are a queer lot! Every human society appears to be dividing itself like an amoeba! Religions, nations, political parties, any kind of human association seems to be running towarsd a split. Athists are increasing numbers, so we say and think. They are spread all over the world. Sanskrit language has a very apt description of human mind. It says " Pinde pinde matirbhinnah, kunde kunde navam payah!" Every pond ahs diffferent water and every man has a different mind. Atheists are a particularly difficult lot. No atheist will accept anything because someone tells him to. Domination by numbers will simply be rejected.

How are we going to maintain our unity?  We must lay some ground rules to maintain our unity. We can not allow ourselves to stand divided. Any ideas how it can be done?


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I agree Tom - I think that tackling the issue at the source is what's needed - what is the need that is not being met - then we can go about finding a solution.


Tom. it is not correct to say that a common code is impossible. The cultural and political differences exist right now, today too, and there codes to deal with them. If we know something is likely to happen, then there no escape from it. People always find ways to deal with a problem.


I too believe that the issue should tackled right now.


Try this for "codes of conducts" for atheists;

You can also check out the "16 things Christians need to know about atheists" while you are there. Maybe it'll help you Madhukar (^_^).

Rudy, great!  I would add, Take good care of your children until they are grown.  

And then...?

Rudy - LOL

Although I didn't choose of my own free will - because of course free will is god given..... I'm a determinist.... so it probably goes more like - they would be my rights and responsibilities once I've been exposed to them enough to remember what they are............ LOL

If I may disrespect academia...

After college, I came to see that the free will versus determinism debate mainly provides employment for professors of philosophy and/or religion.

Arranging my life so that I don't draw the sheriff's attention is more important.

Tom - sure - but it does have some interesting consequences regarding crime and punishment and compassion.... :)

Alice, the sheriff won't care, but on further thought a jury might agree with a lawyer that they should find a defendant not guilty by reason of "No free will" or "It was determined."

Tom - LOL - well you've got me lost...... :)

It's true - if you look out for news of these things - juries are letting all sorts of crimes go unpunished due to causal factors - PMS / brain tumors / mental illness / low blood sugar levels ... I can find links if you need hard facts :)

This a good code for personal conduct of an atheist and it is very good that someone has taken the trouble to formulate it. I am now saying that we should evolve a code for international interaction of atheists and to tacle the cultural differences.

The above code shows that something like this can be done. Thanks  Rudy V Kiist .




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