I love all these politicians who claim to know the mind of a nonexistent being.  They remind me of that colossal fool, Pat Robertson, who famously called down the wrath of god on Orlando, FL, for hanging out rainbow flags to celebrate a gay pride festival being held in that city.  Robertson said that the city would be ravaged by a hurricane of unimaginable proportions.  Well, the very next hurricane that came ashore in the United States hit Virginia Beach - Pat Robertson's headquarters city.  Orlando is still waiting.  So much for God's representative on earth.

In this, Michelle is displaying her own foolishness, right up there in the same league with Uncle Pat.  I am sure all the victims will be pleased to hear that God is sending them a message - via Michelle - and will, of course, vote accordingly.


Bachmann: Irene was political message from God

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said yesterday that Hurricane Irene was a political message from God, the St. Petersburg Times reported. Today, however, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota representative said the remark was in jest. “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians,” the newspaper quoted her as telling voters during a rally in Sarasota. “We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’

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Just based on this quote and the structure of the sentence, I would say that she was joking. Not a flat declaration, like Robertson's. But it was that kind of joking that reveals a something not so funny going on in the mind of the teller of the joke.
Sounds to me like plausible deniability - or, put another way, "Shut the fuck up, Michelle, you're starting to sound like Regan and Bush - and not in a good way."

Why to send one holy dove to Fox News with a statement? Hurricanes are so cool...

Her message is having the desired affect..being spread around more and more..any publicity is better than no publicity..


As for Pat Robertson being a fool?..Well, I dunno about that..He was one of the founding fathers of the Extreme Right Christian Fascist Movement way back in the 1970's.

It's a scary comparison, but Hitler and his guys were also idiots
I'm not sure about idiots.  Insane, yes.

The problem with labeling the statement a "joke" is that it still has meaning.  There was intent beneath what she was saying, and the audience has some understanding of the intent - therefore the laughter.

It's like when Ann Coulter stated that someone should poison Justice Stevens - what is the "joke", and where is the humor?

We can always spin this just as easily.


Her PR team might be putting it about as a joke, I don't think for minute that it was and I'd get every pundit to ram that home.

Marc, I think you are clearly right.  One of the first principles about political campaigning is that you NEVER tell a joke unless you can make its status as such absolutely clear, even when quoted out of context.  Because it certainly can be and will be used against you if it would be useful to do so.

For anyone who has looked into Bachmann's background, it is clearly evident that Michelle Bachmann holds a magical (religious) world view, and, being a member of the New Apostolic movement (a dominionist denomination), her intent is to encourage and participate in the imposition of a theocracy - with that movement in charge, of course.  As such, her view is that God rides shotgun for her, and such a comment would make perfect sense.  I do not for a moment believe that this was ever intended as a joke, given her religious background.  The assertion that it was, is clearly spin intended to control the political fallout.

I think Michelle was right.  She just misinterpreted the message.  God was actually saying "Yo!  Michelle!  Quit putting words in my mouth!"
"And get back in the kitchen, bitch!"
"And get those shoes off your feet.  And why the hell aren't you pregnant?"




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