"I've been to a sceptics convention and an exorcism and the exorcism was more exiting" - John Saffron.


Does John Saffron have a point when he says that religious rituals are too much fun to ban - providing a breadth of human experience not provided in none religious communities?



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Perhaps a guilt-free orgy should be added to each skeptics convention?
Now we're talking!  LOL
That's what I've been doing wrong all this time then...
I didn't know that John Saffron is a well-known television personality in Australia. So his style is presenting humour mixed with religious and social issues ? Do I really need to know ? Honestly, I couldn't watch all that video. It was worse than anything else I've ever seen.
sorry about that....  :)

No, I'm sorry for not watching all of your video, really and truelly. It's just that I have been having trouble with my concentration span lately. I mean, I can effectively summarise the entire history of theology with one word. It's crap. My point of view leaves me with a lot of spare time for other interests. So, do I need to know about John Saffron, or not ?

John Saffron is a controversial figure.  He has explored religious beliefs and rituals.  He was born Jewish.  I think he is interesting to watch as someone exploring their own and other faiths.  I find him entertaining - although I think I did once see a show he did and thought it disappointing - perhaps due to his lack of rational thought when it came to the big questions...  but I like that he pushes the boundaries of belief and I like the way he does it.


He's kind of self taught through personal experience - so doesn't go for secondary sources - which means he probably lacks peer review in his investigations.

It is indeed crap, but "It's crap." is two words.

LOL, I'm sometimes a grammar nazi, too.)

Comma after crap, man.  Dialogue that doesn't end the sentence gets a comma, not a period.

KKK rejects John Safran John Safran is a funny guy. In this clip he is rejected by the KKK because he is Jewish. In other clips he plays an Atheist Door Knocker and a Scientologist.

Atheist Humour Group might like his stuff.

well i'm glad you've managed to make something of my introduction to John Saffron....  he is entertaining as I said before.... as a few Jewish guys are....


I like Saffron for the similar reasons I like Seinfeld and Sam Harris - for some reason Jewish blokes from that area of the US do have a great sense of humour and scepticism that they bring into their every day life...  I find it amusing....

he is a funny guy - "but wasn't Jesus Jewish?!"




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