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Jan 21 hasn't arrived here yet, so I am 76 years old in your neighborhood. Believe me, life gets better with age ... except for a few kinks and crack here and there. 

Evolution, a gut feeling? No, I can't say that is how I experienced it. Christianity did not fulfill my needs and I felt I had every right to be safe in my own home. I had to take action that violated imperatives from the church communities in which I lived. Evolution, for me, was taking responsibility for my own safety. 

Solving problems required critical thinking and decisive action. Once I started doing that, my life became healthier, happier and more fulfilling.

Taking off my blinders awakened realization that I was believing things that just simply are not true. It really has come to a head when I realize the efforts creationists go to in order to have their myths put into public school science departments, and the efforts to prevent women from getting healthy family planning help and to prevent women from having control over their own bodies. 

Feelings? anger, fury, disgust, revulsion, and a fierce feeling of outrage when anyone suggests that I be quiet; I shall never be quiet and I fully expect that some will block me because of my stated goals and opinions. They can go to ... wherever it is that is an atheist's version of hell. 

I does appear that a lot of people let their gut feelings, as well as desires influence their perception of truth, but I'm not one.  Even as a brainwashed Mormon, I loved science and wanted evidence before I made-up my mind. 

There were a few things, like evolution, that I was brainwashed to reject without studying the evidence, but once I decided that Mormonism was false and gave myself permission to study evolution, It didn't take long to became an Atheist and  Scientific realist.

I now don't "believe" anything.  I accept what science has proven with enough evidence.

I think it's important to remember that this isn't an attack on the teaching of evolution.  The findings of this study suggest that people often let their instincts decide what they believe.  The study isn't saying that evolution isn't real simply because some feel in their gut that it's not (although there are people who think that) but rather their instincts often influence their choice to believe certain theories and ideas.

Regardless, the finding of this study will surely influence how we teach evolution to our children, certainly.  Possibly it'll force biology teachers to try and make the facts and evidence of the process easier to understand so they won't necessarily have to let their gut feelings influence their decision of whether or not to believe the theory.

I like his last sentences, "

"The study has important implications for the teaching of evolution. Informing students about this conflict between intuition and logic may help them judge ideas on their merits.

"Educationally, we think that's a place to start, ... It's a concrete way to show them, 'Look, you can be fooled and make a bad decision, because you just can't deny your gut.'"




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