Fossilised bones of a dinosaur that may be the largest creature ever to walk on Earth have been unearthed in Argentina. Based on the dimensions of its huge thigh bones, it was 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall.

Weighing 77 tonnes, it was as heavy as 14 African elephants, and seven tonnes heavier than the previous record holder, Argentinosaurus.

Palaeontologists suggest that it is a new species of titanosaur - a gigantic herbivore dating from the Late Cretaceous period. . . They explain how the weight was estimated . . .

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I get annoyed at rabbits and deer eating my fruits and vegetables.  Glad there's no titanosaur in the neighborhood!

Those bones are amazing.  I feel such a sense of wonder thinking about the luck of those bones being preserved for millions of years.

Thanks for sharing this news,

I really like these kind of explorations , because it's a scientific and material evidence that creates a very solid ground for confronting the retarded beliefs and stories of religions

Can you believe that some Muslims holding  a Phd. in Geology , insists that the entire fossil record is false, and it is nothing more than fake bones with some manipulated pictures, created to support the evolution theory, and to deny the Islamic beliefs about Adam and Eve , God creation etc. 

I want to see their faces when genetic engineering and cloning brings those animals back to life.


They will only say that God guided the scientists in making miraculous technology. I've been dealing with believers via Disqus on another website, and they are tenacious and at times quite nasty. One of them said he did "not give a kike's ass hair" what I thought. I wrote back one last time: "I have my faults, but antisemitism is not one of them.




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