I am selling Red debossed, silicon bracelets that’s say "ATHEIST & PROUD OF IT"

A few new things have come from reviewing the first orders already in.

These are the new aspects


What: Red, engraved, silicon bracelet announcing your belief of atheist and that your PROUD!!


WHEN: i will receive the bracelets on the 20-21st of January 2011 and will be sending them out as soon as i receive them.



Your full name

Full address

Email for easy updates and also (PAYPAL)

How many bracelets


COST:NON pay pal

1st bracelet- 3$

2 bracelets- 5$

3rd and 4th are as well 2$ SO for 1=3$, 2=5$, 3=7$, 4=9$

I can send 4 MAX! in one letter so your 1st, 5th, 9th... bracelets are going to be 3$

You don’t pay until you receive the bracelet(s) and all you do is send your amount back to the billing address, preferably between paper so you cant tell there’s money in it.

This makes it possible for no risk on your side :) and no credit cards

COST: using pay pal

Same as above BUT a .50cent charge and a 2.9% of your total will be added to cover pay pal transactions

Example: 2 bracelets= 5$+.50+.14= $5.64.  The 14 cents comes from 2.9% of 5$


WHY?: because you will notice that if you try to buy just one or two that you will run into 8 dollars just for 1 or 2 around the 12$ range for a second bracelet with shipping included!! :/


You can place an order on my page (messages are easy for me to keep track of) or my Facebook page under my name. I’m from Flint MI for searching reasons


Thanks a lot and SPREAD THE WORD!!! Wear them with pride


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I'll take one.
I'll take one. I'll message you my address.
UK would cost more - estimates?
Alberta is 98cents per letter as 3$ first bracelet would still help cover the postage for me. But to maximise on shipping 4 bracelets is the highest i can go. or throw a bracelet count at me and ill go check what is the cheapest i can get it out to you at. that can go all the way up to 100 bracelets
I'll take one :)
Do you have an image of the bracelet?

just got them today


I checked with them and it is a 98cent stamp to alberta, it varies i guess where about in canada i send it but i dont believe postage would go over 1.50.
BUt again the more you buy the better on price i can go. the best price is on 4 bracelets. anything over that and postage jumps up but i can do packages of 20 30 40 on up to 100 bracelets for more postage but a lot less per bracelet

everyone send me there information they sent me a confirmation e mail today saying they would be arriving the 20TH of jan.

ALSO if these sell ok i will have enough to buy more bracelets.. and they are most likely going to say "DARWIN FOR PRESIDENT" but im taking suggestions on sayings and colors. it cant be really long. thanks


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