British Archaeologists Determining Authenticity of Lead Manuscripts Found in Jordon Said to be 2,000 Years Old

Five years ago 70 miniature (credit card size) lead manuscripts were supposed to have been discovered in a cave in Jordon. Initial dating (based on manner of corrosion) said to be reliable suggests that they are 2,000 years old. British archaeologists are currently attempting to determine the authenticity of them. Little is known about what they contain but from markings some speculate they will document early Christianity.

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Great. Yet another ancient relic that proves only that Christians in the 1st century were as deluded as they are now. Maybe next they'll find an inflatable jesus doll from the 2nd century, that'll prove he's the son of god.


Proving that someone wrote about a figure called Jesus, even if it did add weight that someone roamed the country with that name, doesn't really prove that anything supernatural was going on, and Jesus freaks write down plenty of ramblings these days too... will we find some bible bashers diary in 2000 years and that will count as evidence???


Its only unfortunate that finds like this make Christians' faith stronger... another set back for rational thought.

Like the Dead Sea Scrolls before them, I predict that this discovery too will be pressed into the service of justifying the existence of Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state, at least to the extent that the Israeli antiquities authorities figure out a way to do so, and manage to implement that plan. The only thing that torpedoed Israel's efforts in that regard with respect to the Dead Sea Scrolls was the decision to archive a photocopy of them at the Huntington Library in California - which promptly released the photos to the scholastic community, much to Israel's anger. I don't think Israel will be that careless this time, and so once again we will see scholasticism pressed into the service of politics - like so much of the rest of archaeology in that region.

I would love to see a full set of photographic images, taken with various technologies, promptly released into the public domain for all scholars everywhere to have free access to. When you see that NOT happening, you will know that, once again, as with the Dead Sea Scrolls, politics has taken precedence over scientific knowledge. What I expect you WILL see is just a few images, very carefully selected, to ensure that a political/religious agenda, rather than general scientific knowledge, is advanced.
And the "History" channel will have at least ten episodes on it - following a NEW series on Nostradomus and his experience with alien anal probes.
And no where have I seen any Christians questioning the dating methods used to place this find... funny how science is trustworthy and A-OK when it's potentially finding something they agree with.


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