Creation and Evolution cab never co-exist. Creation is purely un-supported flight of imagination born out of ignorance and sustained by arrogance. Evolution is a researched truth. Belief in Creation is a blind belief and such a belief is an insult to human intellegince. Blind faith has now only limited time on this planet. Not only these two cannot co-exist but they should not be allowed to coexist in the interest of our children and future generations, lest they accuse us of misleading them. They are anyway going to learn the truth, then why allow them to be ignorent even for a small time?  

Madhukar Kulkarni.

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Just want to point out that 'creation vs. evolution' is a false dichotomy.  One can believe in a creator-god and accept the idea of theistic evolution.  Therefore they can and do co-exist.  There are innumerable variations on the god-concepts and likewise any number of hypothetical creation models.

Furthermore, creation and evolution have different scopes.  'Creation' encompasses the universe and its entire history (cosmology) while 'evolution' is only covers the development of life forms on Earth (or presumably any other habitable planet).  So what you're really talking about is good science (evolution, scientific cosmology, etc.) versus pseudoscience and superstitions.

If you are talking theory, I could say you have a point;  faced with reality, the notion that god created man in god's image results in males thinking they are gods and should be treated as such.  There are 6 critical mistakes made by theological beliefs:

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1.  God created man in god’s image. - Anthropocentrism

2.  God created man, male, in his male, god image. - Sexism

3.  God created my race superior to other races. - Racism

4.  God created man to have dominion over all that swims, crawls, flies. - Dominionism

5.  God created man to worship the “one true god.” - Exceptionalism

6.  God is sovereign – Theocentrism









1:  a belief that homo sapiens are the most significant entity of the universe

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that foster interpreting or regarding the world in terms of human experiences



1:  a belief that gender is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that gender differences produce an inherent superiority of male gender over female; discrimination against women

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that foster stereotypes of social roles based on gender


1:  a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that foster racial prejudice or discrimination.



1:  a belief that a person or philosophy has the power to rule and control a country, region, people, resources, etc. 

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that claim the right to have power and control over others or things.



1:  A belief that a god or philosophy is unusual or uncommon and result in inherent superiority over others.

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that foster superiority and the right to have dominion over others or things. 



1:  A belief that a specific and particular god is the central interest and ultimate concern

2:  attitudes, behaviors, customs, traditions and values that foster a specific and particular god. 


You forgot the creation of Eve from Adam's rib.   (Never having read the bible, I am ignorant, if this is in it or not).   Could we call it the first cannibalism or was it only enforced organ donation?   Was god so greedy, that he did not even provide some other raw material?

Dear Maruli Marulaki, Your reply is quite amusing. Yes, that eve was created from Adam's ribs is very much in the bible. I believe that you are an atheist: if so, don't read the bible. I understand that the bible is written so that believers may become atheists!


I should have written vivisection instead of cannibalism.  

With enough mental distance, people's religious beliefs are reasons for a good laugh

Taking the bible literally facilitates mockery.

Dera Greg,

You are right when you tell your children that they are fortunate. It is true that a large portion of population in the east does live in awful conditions, but ask your brilliant friend from India what and how much we are doing to improve their lot? How much the general well to do population is sensitive to their conditions? Our politicians are defrauding the government for billions of rupees of public funds. Haven't we to first feel ashamed of ourselves before we expect the westerners to help us? Isn't it first a challange for us before it becomes so to others? Didn't we want freedom so that we could take care of ourselves? And Greg, this has nothing to do with religion, so why drag it in? This by no means implies that westerners should not help people in east, but people in the east should should shed their lethargy.  

Greg, as atheists, we are primarily concerned with the problems caused by blind beliefs. In India a much larger population suffers from blind faith than from awful conditions. If we can seperate one problem form the other, I believe that atheist organisations in th west should also take interest in the intellectual reformation of others and do whatever is in their power to spread intellectual enlightenment. Otherwise, people will not realise the importance of self help.


Dear Joan, Every point in your above reply is absolutely correct. You are refering to christian theology but philosophies of all religions have many such things a rationalist can not agree with. I therefore believe that we now have to go beyond focussing on small points in religion and promote rationalism, secularism and most importantly, atheism. Let us believe ourselves and tell others that humanism and atheism will replace religion eventually, and not in too distant future.


Dear George, There is nothing like theistic evolution. This is simply an imaginary concept to reoncile scientific evolution and religious view of creation. There  is absolutely no evidence to believe in theistic evolution. When we compare evolution with creation, we do not mean Darwinian evolution. We mean evolution of the universe right from the Big Bang, what you call cosmology. George, I appeal to you to rethink abouy your belief in theistic evolution. We should not accept any thing that is unproven and stated merely as a compromise. Pardon me if I sound as if I am preaching.


"I appeal to you to rethink abouy your belief in theistic evolution."

I'm an atheist. I don't "believe in" theistic evolution. I was pointing out that other people believe it.

"When we compare evolution with creation, we do not mean Darwinian evolution. We mean evolution of the universe right from the Big Bang, what you call cosmology."

The term "evolution" can be used both ways.  However I think for clarity's sake it is important to distinguish the concept of biological evolution as distinct from other uses of the term. 

Born into a Christian family and community, I learned how to be a women from my role models; I learned how to submit, obey, turn the other cheek, love my father and husband to the lord, crucify myself daily and rejoice in my crucifixion.  Women of my family were miserable in their marriages and I don't think the men were happy either.  Control over women and children was the basic value for men; submission and service was the basic value for women ... hard to do when some women have the ability to think and reason and some men act out of tradition and need to control and fear of not being "masculine".  

 I left my marriage and family without a clue of how I should think or act; confusion engulfed me; I just knew I had to do something differently. 

 The first thing I had to do was solve problems without the training to do so, and without the resources with which to do much of anything effective.  Multiple minimum wage jobs, three children aged ten years old, a family disgusted with my decision to leave, in-laws who told me I was a "bad woman", and no plan of action confronted me. 

 Long story short, I returned to college on a part time basis as a sophomore, ended my training at the doctoral level; I met men and women who did not believe in any god, who trusted their own internal wisdom, used procedures and processes to figure out solutions and were absolutely determined/absolutely flexible in their thinking.  

 Life changed radically for me and my children.  We learned how to communicate, solve problems, resolve conflicts without violence, set goals, explore options, make decisions, evaluate outcomes and discard old rules and regulations that impeded our health and welfare; we basically learned the scientific method with an awareness of feelings.  

 I agree with the Four Horsemen: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens as well as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Eugenie Scott, Lawrence Krauss, PZ Myers, and many, many others that no god/s or supernatural entities exist, that man created these in an attempt to understand life processes and as a tool of control. 

 The community of non-believers grows daily as exhibited by the daily increase in membership to different atheist organizations on the internet.  The next U.S.A. Census will reveal any changes.  

 The change in membership can be explained by the numbers of people who find religious teachings unsatisfactory or ludicrous and can successfully replace the principles with study, training, exploration, experimentation and being in communities of non-believers.  

 As to morals and ethics without religion, I find far more compelling moral and ethical guides in atheism than in dogma that changes at the whim of leadership and followed by sheep following a shepherd.  

IMO: no



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