Examination of a stone found in a cave located in southeastern Italy revealed that it had been used by the cave dwellers 32,000 years ago to grind flour. Per the article:

The world’s oldest flour was made from oat some 32,000 years ago, according to a new analysis of a Paleolithic stone tool....The elongated cobble of sandstone measures about 5 inches long, it’s broken at one end and rounded at the other and features longitudinal fissures on its surface....They noted the rounded end was used to crush seeds, while the stone’s flat surface allowed to grind the broken seeds into flour.



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Astounding! These discoveries keep pushing dates back.

Very interesting, and hammers home yet again the absurdity of how much time, effort, money and mindpower is being squandered in promulgating and countering young earth creationism in the US. Pathetic that it's even a topic of discussion anywhere.




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