This splendid homage to Charles Darwin has been recognised by the British mint for very many years.

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Enlightened and Beautiful!

This is as close as the US will ever come. Notice the likeness to GW Bush in the 6th image.

Well spotted, Mark. That's a good likeness.


He is not in the same leave but we do have Ben Franklin on some of our money here in Merca.

I've never been a flag waver (patriotism bugs the crap out of me), but I really love that we've got someone like Darwin on our money ... it just seems right.  I could understand national pride if it was done like like this because it celebrates people, not country (or ruler).

I'd love to see other figures, maybe Isaac Newton or Thomas Paine ... we've got some cool people in our history who were big on reason (well, except Newton a bit - being slightly, erm, an alchemist :))

Ah but Isaac Newton can be forgiven for experimenting with alchemy.

On the basis of science as then known, he didn't realise (when he began) that he might be following a dead end.



Wikipedia is very good on recounting the history of British banknotes.


Here's a clipping about the banknote issues of the last 40 years:


Series D
Value Reverse portrait Issued Withdrawn
£1 Isaac Newton 9 February 1978 11 March 1988
£5 Duke of Wellington 11 November 1971 29 November 1991
£10 Florence Nightingale 20 February 1975 20 May 1994
£20 William Shakespeare 9 July 1970 19 March 1993
£50 Christopher Wren 20 March 1981 20 September 1996
Series E
£5 George Stephenson 7 June 1990 21 November 2003
£10 Charles Dickens 29 April 1992 31 July 2003
£20 Michael Faraday 5 June 1991 28 February 2001
£50 John Houblon 20 April 1994 in use
Series E (Revision)
£5 Elizabeth Fry 21 May 2002 in use
£10 Charles Darwin 7 November 2000 in use
£20 Edward Elgar 22 June 1999 30 June 2010
Series F
£20 Adam Smith 13 March 2007 in use
£50 Matthew Boulton and James Watt 2011 n/a


Crikey, yeah, I'd forgotten most of those (I suppose it's what comes of not ever having bank notes in one's possession for very long :))



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