Has anyone heard of Dichloracetic acid?

And I would like to know your thoughts on this website:


Would be grateful to get links to information / evidence regarding the claims of the website to either validate or discredit.


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LOL - thanks - interesting to get an inside perspective - I was sent the link and wanted to follow it up for that person....  I realised the link name was mmmm  yes interesting....

so what you seem to be saying is that all cancers are different and all people are different - and it seems also that chemo etc is best - but outcomes are variable because you just can't know how cancer and person is going to respond?

DCA is currently being used in trials. Early indications are that it may be useful in combination with other therapies, but by itself it has not yet shown the ability to decrease mortality. The trials are ongoing so all of these statements may, and probably will, change.

Cautiously, DCA (or in other words, chlorinated vinegar) shows promise to help the body regain normal function and shrink tumor size.

The website can be criticized on two levels:

Factually, it is misleading, and promotes the message "everyone on the planet except this small cadre in Canada are idiots". This is a common tactic used to attract the foolish and gullible. Religions use it all the time with a minor modification "Everyone is going to hell except a small cadre of true believers in (______)". See the similarities? Anyone who uses this tactic is most likely trying to prey on your desire to be smarter and better than everyone else.

Second, regardless of the facts involved, the social engineering on this website is geared towards the stupid and gullible:

Short, east to understand words.

Large, bold fonts.

Dramatic, bold statements intended to shock and induce emotion.

Both of these tactics come together to say "Everyone on the planet is stupid...except for a select few. Come join the select few, and you too can be smarter than everyone else. It's easy! You just have to agree that we are right, and everyone else is wrong. Facts are not important."

That's my view. I'm sure some will disagree.

I agree; the format of the website isn't exactly the most encouraging, in terms of trying to present a rational case for its idea.

Carl - love your disection of the website - very insightful and amusing... :)

thanks for the facts you are aware of on DCA - I will direct my friend to these findings, and hope to enlighten them.... :)

I'm not sure about the claim that chemotherapy has a 2% success rate, but there certainly is some preliminary (though not yet conclusive) evidence showing very promising results for using dichloroacetic acid to treat cancer.  We'll just have to wait and see, at this point.


Ian - thanks - I'll pass this onto my friend and aim to read through it myself when I get some more time... thanks :)

thanks everyone for all the information - I appreciate the links, information and rational thought :)

I'll forward on the links to my friend and hope that it helps enlighten their decisions....


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