Only guess where it's worst of all?

This is a damning report on a country which seems to put moral and family issues first; even balanced per-capita, this seems to show the USA in a pretty poor light indeed.

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Violence begets more violence and this is why I don't support corporal punishment. People become way to comfortable with inflicting harm upon vulnerable children. The Christian Bible is rife with scripture that justifies violence against your fellow man including children.
True dat.

I am conflicted on this issue. My home life was free of punishments, but from age 7 to 17 I lived 9 months of the year in all-boys boarding schools. I was caned perhaps four times. I did not like it, of course.


However, having watched my own children grow up through their teens and into their twenties, the thought occurs that it would be unbelievably difficult to keep 600 teen boys from destroying everything around them.


If the rule of law is necessarily based on the credible threat of force, then the ability to inflict corporal punishment - at least on teenage males - may be useful. And I don't think much of the American educational system's punishment-free high schools.


But it shouldn't be necessary to physically punish younger children, or one's own children at home.

600 teen boys destroying everything...?

Out of how many thousands of teen boys in the school?

Oh, of course, you are generalizing from a few to the many.



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