I just finished watching a 1986 documentary called "Radio Bikini".  It's all about the nuclear tests in Bikini Lagoon right after WWII.  What leaped out at me were the number of public appeals to God and the religious justifications by our military and political leaders of the time.  They were continually making literally earth-shaking decisions about nuclear policy and then asking for a sign from god to show them if they were on the right track or not.  To me, this is as appalling a thought as if chimps had been handed the bomb to play with.  The arrogance displayed was incredible.  Thousands of people kicked out of their lifelong homes, live animals penned up on derelict ships to be "test subjects", thousands of sailors who had no idea that they were being exposed to lethal levels of radiation sent in to monitor the after-effects of the explosions without any protective gear whatsoever except a chaplain's "blessing".  

All kinds of issues are in play here - separation of church and state as it applies to the military, the juxtaposition of religion and science, the idea inherent in religion that man has dominion over nature and can do what he wants with it, as well as the despicable policy of Manifest Destiny, in which Americans felt entitled to rule the world and displace entire populations in order to suit their needs.  

Watch this documentary and see what you think.  Albert Einstein makes an appearance during one of the few sensible, reason-based public discussions about responsible use of nuclear energy.  Let me know what you think!

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Where can I this documentary?

I watched it on Netflix; it's also on YouTube: http://youtu.be/bbeiDmQJoaA


Wow. How ridiculous is that?




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