I got the feeling reading this that the last word was left with Blair (unfairly) but no one can deny that the night belonged to a frail and barely recognisable Hitchens.

I feel uneasy that I wish it was his idiot brother in that state.

But it pains me to realise how our leaders are so deluded and influenced by these delusions - that a man who effectively countenanced a war in the Middle East is now sent as a peace envoy to the same region.

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I can't wait to watch the full debate!
Those who can have just got to hear or see this.

Blair v Hitchens on the BBC

BBC World Service radio will air the Blair-Hitchens debate on 4 December, followed by Radio 4 on 11 December

It can be viewed on BBC World News and the News Channel on 1 January 2011
Nice find! I missed that. This presumably means that our comrades outside of the British Isles will be able to receive and enjoy the audio via the BBC website. I'm not sure if then can get the video feed due to IP blocking.

Typical of the BBC to leave the last words to Blair...
I'm not surprised that Hitchens beat him. He is a formidable debater, and of course he has logic and reason and even genuine passion on his side. Tony Blair has politics, which doesn't provide much of an opportunity for genuine intellectual debate at the best of times. I'm so very sorry to see Hitchens look as he does, and even more sorry to see the hatred and spiteful glee spewed forth by Christians all over the world that somehow think he will either recant like Galileo before the inquisition or burn in hell for all eternity should he choose not to. I haven't always agreed with Hitchens, especially on some matters of U.S. and British foreign policy, but he thinks for himself and ignores popular modalities. The world will be a poorer place without him.
I had to stop watching this at about the midway point because I got so tired of the apologetics of Blair. He must have said "at least you have to give religion blah blah blah" about 10 times from what I watched. His amorphous definition of faith/religion is typical of those with intellect who defend religion. They try to reduce religion to so little that there is nothing left to argue against, but this description does not reflect the reality of the beliefs or actions of most religious people. In my opinion, this was not much of a debate, as Hitchens was on a completely different plane than Blair and Hitchens was too much of a gentleman to utterly destroy Blairs weak positions directly as he could have.




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