Christopher Hitchens at his finest - some of my favorite moments by the writer who has inspired the ideals of skepticism, free inquiry, and rational thought in so many. I believe Hitchslap is now the proper term for the unflinching intellectual prowess displayed in these exchanges.

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That's the best collation I've seen of Hitch - and I thought I had seen them all. 

I like the video too Robert.

He was a giant.  His only blunder was agreeing with GWB on the "War On Terror"

I agree but he defended his position til his death didn't he? - Well, I forgive him. He has provided me with such inspiration in my life. I love the quote "Jesus, is Santa Claus for adults" and many more. Hitch alone gave me the courage to come-out, so enamoured I was by his courage, eloquence and ability to destroy anyone he debated. I love that he was pissed most of the time too! He didn't care what people thought of him. Even God misses The Hitch.


Hitch had the knowledge and literacy and chutzpah to go head-to-head with the likes of William Lane Craig and Deepak Chopra and too many others to count and plainly and simply call them on their bullshit.  More than anything else right now, we need more like him to let the theists out there know that there is indeed another opinion out there, that theirs is questionable at best and a ludicrous fabrication at worst ... and that the days of superstition and myth are numbered.

Hitch, I've said this many times, but I'll say it again: we ALL owe you.  Thanks ... a LOT.

Thank you Loren - I do agree he really helped go against theist BS.

We do need more like him. Loren, you need to start making some videos for You Tube. : )

Me?!?  Get serious!  I am no more in Hitch's league than a hole in the head!  If there is one A|N member who (at least in my mind) has the chops and the analytical skills, never mind the cojones, it would be Steve Shives ... and he is GOOD.

Vous êtes trop modeste !

Let's just say I know my limits and leave it at that, okay?

Naploeon can make some You Tube videos : )

Somebody subtitled it for the Spanish speakers:

Gracias, Hitch.


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