I'm an ex Velikovskian Catastrophist and still keep tabs on the various forums, blogs and communities I used to frequent. One item that's been popping up a lot lately is Comet C/2010 X1, dubbed Elenin. Apparently, the media hasn't taken to it with enough enthusiasm, so it's probably the planet Nibiru and "they"(you know, them) don't want us to know about it(genius logic, I know). So I was wondering if anyone here has any more (relevant and helpful) information on the comet, which is pretty sparse on the web.

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That's petty funny timing.  One of the guys at work just loaned me a copy of 'Worlds in Collision', insisting that I read it.  When I can point out 3 or 4 massive flaws in the guy's cosmology within chapter 1, it doesn't promise to be a very well supported hypothesis.


I love this bit, from your one link:


When Comet Elenin first was discovered in December last 2010 it was calculated to pass 8.8 Au (8.8 times the distance of the Sun form us) away. But now these calculations has once changed again. Today the orbital calculation is down to 0.24 Au with a minimum as low as 0.15. But these data is being recalculated all the time and it could get even closer but that depends what it encounters in the Oort belt. Just so you know the Moon is 0.00256 away from us to give you a comparison.


Sooooo ... what you're telling me is that I should be panicking because a comet is going to pass within FIFTY-NINE times the distance from the earth to the moon?  Not panicking over here.


So, what's this Nibiru stuff?  I'm still doing searches for stuff, over here.




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