Dr. Meaden:

I know the name of this group is Origins, but I hope we can talk about potential futures for humankind.  I have recently posted a new blog on Huffington Post, Confessions of a Homo Sapiens Chauvinist. It is based on my speech to Atheist United in Los Angeles last February, and the video of that speech is embedded in the blog.  I was invited to talk about my new novel, Traveling in Space, which allowed me to elaborate on the theme of the novel, which has much to do with my view -- coming from my atheism -- of our species continuing and future maturation, if not evolution.

It is a positive message about and from an atheistic point-of-view.


I would love to have some feedback from you and this community on what I have to say here.  Do you think my take on our species and what I see as its role in the universe has merit?  Do you think it's Pollyannaish? Do you agree that it flows from being an atheist? Do you think it's a crock?


If you and the community like the video of my address and the text with it, or even if you just think it is worthy of consideration, I would appreciate it if it can be shared it with others. 


I truly do believe we need to demonstrate to the world at large that to have an atheistic worldview is not to have a negative view that offers nothing to mankind. 

Your kind consideration would be deeply appreciated.

You can see my blog on Huffington Post here: Confession of a Homo Sapiens Chauvinist.

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Thanks for the kind words, Dempsey.  Are your short stories available?  


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