I just got 200 comments and counting on my local atheist group when I posted this:

"On a matter of self reflection as a group I would like to discuss the idea of us calling anyone inferior or superior based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation - as there all share the same medal of racism.

I realise that XXX may see this as the promotion of political correctness. I don't support political correctness as a means to an end. I do support freedom of speech. And I like the idea that we are free here to discuss opening about our attitudes.

What concerns me is that in the atheist community (on the many forums and you tubes that I've seen) I have observed what looked to me like, arrogance, prejudice, superiority and dismissive attitudes. 

I realise that we all have our own nature - but I do support the idea that we can all try to act on science and reason - and not perpetrate racism or other harmful attitudes based on false beliefs about superiority. And think it important that we become more self aware of these issues and come up with effective methods that deal with it.

Preferably compassionate - based on the principles of Naturalism, rather than regressive aggression against it."

Is this a very contentious issue?

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I am not xeniphobic in the least, but something I heard once was. "How many Black (Not Brown) gangs are there? And how many people do they kill each year?" So what if they are from the projects and poor families. Pick your damn self up and make something of yourself. I also grew up in the projects, and now I own my own home, a nice car, and I didn't have to sell drugs or hurt people to get any of it.

Erin - have a read about 'white privileged' - then have a read about 'the causal web' here: http://naturalism.org/

Then tell me how you got where you are, and why they are still where they are.

Alice--you're right, violence exists in all colors. Trying to pin it on one skin tone results in the ever-popular.

Sometimes it is possible that people who have been wronged by the society for long and are still underpriviledged, may be more violent than needed because of past history. Thu-is then becomes a social issue and need not be taken as apersonal one. While we sympathise with the white people who become targets of violence, I feel that there si a dormant superority complex even amon the whites that makes them look down on others. It is hidden and so is not apparent and therefore it is difficult to prove also. This hiddden racism makes people un-necessarily agressive too. This happens less with people who are exposet to international atmosphere and more with people with less or no international exposure. Such a kind of racism will invite physical or verbal violence. We  can not say that we here are free from such a superiority complex.

I don't believe that white people are superior to for instance black people, however I do believe that certain cultures are superior to others, but I don't see why we should color code these cultures.

In the Netherlands for instance I believe that the inferior culture is that of fundamentalist (!!!) Islam, which is quite often practiced by recent white converts. The moderate Islam of most Turkish or Moroccan people is not something that I'm bothered about in the least, live and let live.

It is stupid to include or exclude people based upon their color of skin, it becomes even more ridiculous in an international environment as you said. 


Rob van Senten

Any supiorioty, if it exists, is truely a personal attribute. Any idea of racial superioty is baseless. Also, being suprior and feeling superioe are two different things. If a person has supirior virtues, they show themselves without his making a show and he automatically gets respect. However, a person who, in reality does not posses the virtues of supioriority, displays an ego and invites trouble for himself and others.

Agreed, superiority is about what you do not about what you are. Anybody that bases their superiority not on how they treat other people but on their race or sex is simply an idiot.

I'm happy that I'm getting the feedback that is reinforcing my thoughts - I would also be happy to get feedback that didn't, so as to learn something - but it's reassuring to think that I've been on the right track - or same track as other thinkers.

Madhukar - excellent points.


You have been dishing out so many good discussions one after the other that I have started getting an infiriority complex!

LOL :)


Madhukar - excellent points.

Aren't you tired of typing these words? Alice, I would request you to make some comments. I have no ego to fatten!!!




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