In case you don't already know what Cosmogony is:

Here's what I have to add to it.

It is Atheism's answer to the theist approach of trying to make us prove there is no god, and prove how the Universe came into existence from nothingness.

Any thoughts on this statement? :)

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I am not a scientist and my commment on your post will be as per my undrestanding. Cosmology is as important as evolution because they are two sides of the same coin: the coin being the question " How and why are we here?". This is not a phylosophical question. Cosmology and Darwinian evolution, for me, provide me a complete and satisfying answer. So, one canot be less important than the other.

Cosmology and evolution tell me how we are here and cosmology alone tells me that we are here for no purpose at all. Ancient Indian atheist Charvaka told us more or less the same thing, he said, make the most of this life, there is no other purpose to this life, there is no other life.

Have I simplified the matter too much?

Yes both say how we are here. Not sure evolution says why though - it is a series of accidents. But agree with what you say! Only I'd make the distinction between cosmology and cosmogony. It's the useful tool with its three paradoxes that science is looking very capable of getting past, while gods are totally at odds with these.


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