I'm atheist and I could have given better arguments than those two. First, they try to tell Mormons how they should use their money. Second, inclusiveness doesn't mean accepting anybody no matter what; a group is defined as exclusionary.Even the most inclusive group on the planet has some set of rules or principles which the members must adhere to. Also, it was annoying to hear the audience cheer after every comment.

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I didn't even know Silverman did debates.  Does he have any kind of background with that?

He is been doing debates for many years now on many topics(most of them are related to Secular humanism).

He did many podcast and radio debates, he is very entertaining to watch(if you are an atheist...)

all ways sharp and all ways funny. 

Weird.  I had never thought of him as a debater: more of a public-relations sort.  So, with his Secular Humanism focus, I guess he focuses more on debates related to morality?

Hey, he'd be particularly effective when people try to argue for Divine Command Theory.  As a secular Jew, it's quite appropriate for him to compare it to the Nuremberg Defense.

Having to hear friends and family repeat Mormon BS in the 19 years since I became atheist, I'm very annoyed with it, and so couldn't stand to listen to much from those two morons repeating the same garbage.  I just mostly tried to listen to the two atheists, so I've only listened to about one-third of the video so far.

I'm going to try to listen to more of it some time, so I'll try to refrain from commenting until then.

Yeah, I would perhaps be more tolerant of it if there were more real Mormons like the ones that were held up as representative, in the South Park episode on the subject.  They knew it was silly, but they followed it for the social results.

There are two massive problems there, of course.  People don't follow a religion like that just for the social results.  When you fake something long enough, you can convince yourself that it's true.  I've heard religious sorts inadvertently admit that, in that they insist that we pray to Jesus in vain, until we finally feel the Holy Spirit.  Thanks, no: I'd rather not brainwash myself into believing bullshit.

And then of course there's the fact that the social results are bullshit.  Extreme patriarchy does not make for a healthy social life.


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