I will be chronicling my conversations with those who appear to be unaware of social awareness, and quite surprisingly, comfortable with our current system of administration thank you very much!


Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own protection):


Topic: NBC's Golf Tournament Pledge of Allegiance




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I was wondering when someone would mention this whole thing.  NBC having to apologize for an editing judgement call is silly, particularly when one considers the original pledge did not contain the phrase Under God in it.  And, isn't being upset over leaving that and the word indivisible pretty divisive???


Rhonda, you are so dead on target with that one.

What ever happened to the concept of our nation coming together on a unified front?

Clearly the American public are divided towards the concept of living "under God" and a very jealous and aggravated one at that.

That junk should have never been altered in the 50's to appease some capitalistic intent forcing their religion down our throats.

What's that whole analogy of Children of God and sheep or lambs or something like that?

A mindless/directional-less flock of cattle... sounds about right huh?

Fantastic! Thanks for one of the more passionate responses toward my blog. Although I had to sit and wait my turn in order to make my rebuttal while sifting through the pessimistic vomit you continuously spewed onto my board without offering any intellectual encouragement, how typical.

Glad to see you’ve maintained businesses in multiple areas around the globe, that must provide a descent amount of self-confidence to prove you’re not exactly a half-wit roaming the earth. You spotted my donation section on my page; that above any other artistic and literary component illustrated on my blog, how observant. Have you visited any other Marxist/Communistic/Progressively Socialistic webpages lately? They all have similar charitable engines running, as the whole concept of spreading awareness depends on connecting/strengthening members of the cause.

Unfortunately, money talks in this chaotic society we live in, the only way a voice can be heard is through connections & clout. The only way a “radical” voice can be heard is through maintaining a grassroots campaign of tsunami-sized proportions; if our concept of money has to be exchanged for that to happen, so be it. You would be totally remiss if you ignored/disregarded that fact while maintaining operations in a capitalistically dominated arena. The saying of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” has definite meaning when it comes to that fact.

Sad, I though you would have more to offer furthering the discussion towards the religious permeation within our society, given your $2.00 honorary PhD from Logidea University. Way to go, a crowning achievement among men! All jokes aside, I’ve never heard of doctorofdisbelief.com before, looks interesting, thanks for that. I’ll start looking into it even more, looks interesting.

My name is not for discussion.


A. Silly men shouldn't post silly information for silly people to use silly search tools in order to dive into personal affairs (address, work, car, family members, the works).

B. Even the Pope and Malcolm X were clever enough not to disclose personal names and information.

C. We haven't established any kind of rapport, I don't even know you, I don't think I will ever want to, plus, you still haven't asked me nicely :c)


Ummmm, with the blog only 1-week old, it appears to be progressively building a collective of like-minded individuals; individuals who offer collaborative comments and intellectual support towards this cause.

Not pushing some cheap embroidered t-shirt with a logo, that's farmed out of some sweat-shop extorting migrant workers for pennies on the dollar: that's pure capitalism...

So....When are we going to address pertinent matters at hand with more of a fruitful/intelligent debate?

Nothing huh...just spite?

Oh ok, moving onward...

Do you really think that not using your name will save you, if someone wants to find you in person?  Remember what happened with TamTamPamela, on YouTube, when her trolling videos finally went over the line?  A few dozen pizzas showed up at her door, apparently.


If hackers want to find you from your internet posts, they'll find you, if they're any good.  Your digital fingerprints are all over everything you do online, unless you go to extreme measures, setting up multiple proxy servers for everything you do online.  Even then, you're traceable.  It's just more difficult.

Yeah, the only reason I even hide my full name is that I don't want this stuff to appear in Google searches that any potential employers might make.  My last name is quite uncommon.  I know for a fact that there is only one other Joseph in the country with my last name, and he's a second cousin, I think it is ... maybe third.  He's once-removed, anyway, so the numbers get a little abstract.


If I can get my standup comedy career going and don't have to work in I.T. anymore, my last name is going right back up there.

Yup, hard to track someone by Google, when all they've got to go on is an attached photo.  It's the Google searches of my very rare name that worry me.
I second that.  Teach us what we're doing wrong, and try to leave out the propagandist frothing.
Heh heh heh heh heh.  See?  Doesn't even require a hacker, sometimes.

You gave me an example of pure capitalism.

I gave you an example of pure capitalism.

Zero mention of "you" selling shirts.

Therefore that hysterically inflated statement can be but to rest and buried, no retraction needed.

I still haven't seen cause for debate outside of trying to excavate my personal data.

Zero dialogue that pertains the subject matter, instead, just a lot of hot air fogging the room and spiraling this conversation into nothingness, what villainy!

E-FAT extends far beyond simple blog posts, its much more then that.

Read the blog's "An Evil Introduction" page:


If this will be the extent of this debate then I'm afraid there is no victor.

E-FAT is my project manifested, therefore, I am E-FAT, and that's all you need to know at this point and time.

You are wasting your energy, find your own constructive and meaningful project outside of harassment and persecution.

How much misery do you have to deal with in your daily life?

Seriously, your pasting screen shots of an internet trail?

A Sad course of action for a sad befuddled man.

The topic was pertaining to the Pledge of Allegiance debate, there's been two pages worth of derailed, corrosive conversation to the contrary.

Its been my misfortunte to meet you, please by all means, report everything listed.

Perhaps they can be included into this joke of an endeavor, I'm sure their personnel will need a good laugh or two at your expense...

BTW, you seem to use a lot of my lines and phrases in your responses.

Imitation is indeed a form of flattery my dear.

But in this case, its gross and petty.

I've taken it as a form of indigestion instead.



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