The authors discuss findings of marijuana residues, poppy seeds, and beer residues in ancient burials, and speculate that use of such drugs was highly regulated and restricted to sacred burial rituals.

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I think the societies that didn't link drugs to rituals disorganized themselves - as we do.

Very interesting.

I wonder how the ancients figured out what had the desired effect.  Did they just go around tasting stuff to find out what was edible, then made a connection with the psychoactive effect?  Homo sapiens is a curious species.

Sure.  They might have fed it to a dog first to see if it was poisonous. 

Or hell, it's plant-based and perhaps it looks like something else they were eating.  Ancient humans grabbed food where they could.  Any secondary effects would be noticed after a while.

I can imagine....   OogaaOogaa, them good brownies.  Why now I want big bag Cheetos?

(OogaaOogaa being Neanderthalese for SweetiePie)




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